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ESCORT, noun. A group of people, especially armed people, who go with a person of distinction for the sake of providing safety to them when on a journey;
ESCORT, noun. An accompanying person in such group
ESCORT, noun. A guard who travels with a dangerous person, for example a criminal, for the protection of others
ESCORT, noun. A group of people attending as a mark of respect or honor
ESCORT, noun. An accompanying person in a social gathering etc.
ESCORT, noun. Protection, care, or safeguard on a journey or excursion; as, to travel under the escort of a friend.
ESCORT, noun. A sex worker who does not operate in a brothel, but with whom clients make appointments; a call girl or male equivalent.
ESCORT, verb. To attend to in order to guard and protect; to accompany as a safeguard; to give honorable or ceremonious attendance to
ESCORT, verb. To go with someone as a partner, for example on a formal date.
ESCORT AGENCIES, noun. Plural of escort agency
ESCORT AGENCY, noun. A company that provides customers with companions for a fee.
ESCORT AGENCY, noun. A brothel.
ESCORT SERVICE, noun. A company that provides customers with companions or prostitutes for a fee.
ESCORT SERVICES, noun. Plural of escort service

Dictionary definition

ESCORT, noun. Someone who escorts and protects a prominent person.
ESCORT, noun. The act of accompanying someone or something in order to protect them.
ESCORT, noun. An attendant who is employed to accompany someone.
ESCORT, noun. A participant in a date; "his date never stopped talking".
ESCORT, verb. Accompany as an escort; "She asked her older brother to escort her to the ball".
ESCORT, verb. Accompany or escort; "I'll see you to the door".

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