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NORFOLK, proper noun. A maritime county of eastern England bordered by Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Suffolk and the North Sea.
NORFOLK, proper noun. A language of Norfolk Island, also spelt Norfuk.
NORFOLK, proper noun. A town in Virginia or the naval base (the world's largest) situated there.
NORFOLK, noun. A Norfolk jacket.
NORFOLK DUMPLING, noun. A kind of boiled dumpling made in Norfolk, England.
NORFOLK DUMPLING, noun. (humorous) A native or inhabitant of Norfolk.
NORFOLK DUMPLINGS, noun. Plural of Norfolk dumpling
NORFOLK ISLAND, proper noun. An island, an external territory of Australia, in the Pacific Ocean. Official name: Territory of Norfolk Island.
NORFOLK ISLAND PINE, noun. Araucaria heterophylla (synonym Araucaria excelsa), a conifer endemic to Norfolk Island, but grown as an ornamental tree in mild climates and as a container plant indoors worldwide.
NORFOLK ISLAND PINES, noun. Plural of Norfolk Island pine
NORFOLK ISLAND STAR PINE, noun. The Norfolk Island pine, Araucaria heterophylla
NORFOLK ISLAND STAR PINES, noun. Plural of Norfolk Island star pine
NORFOLK ISLANDER, noun. A person from Norfolk Island or of its descent.
NORFOLK ISLANDERS, noun. Plural of Norfolk Islander
NORFOLK JACKET, noun. A loose, belted, single-breasted jacket with box pleats on the back and front.
NORFOLK JACKETS, noun. Plural of Norfolk jacket
NORFOLK PLOVER, noun. (East Anglia) the stone-curlew.
NORFOLK SPANIEL, noun. A field spaniel of a breed similar to the Clumber spaniel, but shorter in body and of a liver-and-white or black-and-white colour.
NORFOLK SPANIELS, noun. Plural of Norfolk spaniel

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NORFOLK, noun. Port city located in southeastern Virginia on the Elizabeth River at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay; headquarters of the Atlantic fleet of the United States Navy.

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