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TRIPLE, adjective. Made up of three related elements, often matching
TRIPLE, adjective. Three times the quantity
TRIPLE, adjective. Designed for three users
TRIPLE, adjective. Folded in three; composed of three layers
TRIPLE, adjective. Having three aspects; very ambiguous.
TRIPLE, adjective. (music) Of time, three times as fast as very fast.
TRIPLE, adjective. (obsolete) One of three; third.
TRIPLE, noun. (informal) A drink with three portions of alcohol.
TRIPLE, noun. (US) A hamburger with three patties.
TRIPLE, noun. (baseball) A three-base hit
TRIPLE, noun. (curling) A takeout shot in which three stones are removed from play.
TRIPLE, noun. (mathematics) (computing) A sequence of three elements or 3-tuple.
TRIPLE, verb. To multiply by three
TRIPLE, verb. (baseball) To get a three-base hit
TRIPLE, verb. To become three times as large
TRIPLE, verb. To serve or operate as (something), in addition to two other functions.
TRIPLE A SYNDROME, proper noun. A rare progressive congenital disorder whose symptoms include achalasia, Addisonianism, and alacrimia.
TRIPLE ACROSTIC, noun. A poem whose stanzas, except the first three, are clues for words. The initial letters of these words, in order, form a word clued by the first stanza; the middle letters, the second stanza; and the final letters, the third stanza.
TRIPLE AGENT, noun. A spy who pretends to be a double agent for one side, while he or she is truthfully a double agent for the other side.
TRIPLE AGENT, noun. A spy who works for three opposing sides, such that each side thinks the spy works for them alone.
TRIPLE AGENTS, noun. Plural of triple agent
TRIPLE BAR, noun. The symbol ≡, consisting of three parallel horizontal lines.
TRIPLE BARS, noun. Plural of triple bar
TRIPLE BILL, noun. A triple feature.
TRIPLE BILL, noun. The consecutive presentation of three episodes of a television series.
TRIPLE BILL, verb. (business) To charge three times for a good or service.
TRIPLE BILLS, noun. Plural of triple bill
TRIPLE BLUFF, noun. An action which is intended to be perceived as a double bluff, but which is in fact merely a bluff.
TRIPLE BLUFFS, noun. Plural of triple bluff
TRIPLE BOGEY, noun. (golf) A score of three over par (for one hole)
TRIPLE BOGEYS, noun. Plural of triple bogey
TRIPLE BOND, noun. (chemistry) A covalent bond in which three electron pairs (instead of the usual one) are shared between two atoms; most common between carbon atoms and carbon or nitrogen atoms, but a few other forms are known. Symbolized in formulae as ≡.
TRIPLE BONDS, noun. Plural of triple bond
TRIPLE CENTURIES, noun. Plural of triple century
TRIPLE CENTURY, noun. (cricket) three hundred runs scored by a single batsman in one innings, or by two batsmen in a partnership
TRIPLE CHECK, noun. An extra check or verification made a third time, usually with additional caution or attention.
TRIPLE CHECK, verb. To check again; to check with extra caution or attention; to verify or make sure.
TRIPLE CHECKED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of triple check
TRIPLE CHECKING, verb. Present participle of triple check
TRIPLE CHECKS, noun. Plural of triple check
TRIPLE CHECKS, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of triple check
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. The three-tiered tiara formerly worn by Popes.
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. (sports) An award representing victory in three events, especially in horse-racing.
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. (baseball) The feat of leading one's league in three key statistical categories—batting average, home runs, and RBI for hitters; wins, strikeouts, and ERA for pitchers
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. (golf) The three grandest or oldest open championships of the year
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. (in men's golf) The U.S. Open, British Open, Canadian Open
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. (horse racing) (US) The three greatest thoroughbred races of the year restricted to three-year-olds: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. (horse racing) (UK) The three greatest thoroughbred races of the year restricted to three-year-olds: the 2,000 Guineas Stakes, Derby Stakes (aka "Epsom Derby"), and St. Leger Stakes
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. (horse racing) (Canada) The three greatest thoroughbred races of the year restricted to three-year-olds: the Queen's Plate, Prince of Wales Stakes, and Breeders' Stakes
TRIPLE CROWN, noun. (rugby) Victory by one of the Home Nations — England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales — over the other three in the annual Six Nations Championship.
TRIPLE CROWNS, noun. Plural of triple crown
TRIPLE DOG DARE, verb. (slang) (US) A popular American phrase used to denote compounding levels of dare "seriousness."
TRIPLE DOUBLE, noun. (basketball) The achievement of a two-digit number of any three of points scored, assists, rebounds, blocks, or steals in a single game.
TRIPLE DOUBLES, noun. Plural of triple double
TRIPLE FAULT, noun. (computing) An exception thrown by the CPU while trying to handle a double fault, typically resulting in immediate rebooting.
TRIPLE FAULT, verb. (computing) To cause a triple fault to happen.
TRIPLE FAULTS, noun. Plural of triple fault
TRIPLE FEATURE, noun. Three feature-length motion pictures being shown back-to-back in a movie theatre, with the understanding all three may be seen for the price of a single ticket.
TRIPLE FEATURES, noun. Plural of triple feature
TRIPLE GODDESS, noun. (mythology) A female triune deity, either one goddess with three distinct aspects/manifestations, or three goddesses who form a unit.
TRIPLE GODDESS, proper noun. (Wicca) Alternative letter-case form of Triple Goddess
TRIPLE GODDESS, proper noun. (Wicca) The trinity of the Goddess.
TRIPLE GODDESSES, noun. Plural of triple goddess
TRIPLE JUMP, noun. An athletics field event where one has to travel as far as possible after taking one hop, a step, then a jump
TRIPLE JUMPER, noun. Alternative form of triple-jumper
TRIPLE JUMPERS, noun. Plural of triple jumper
TRIPLE MALT, noun. A liquor made from the malted barley of three distilleries, blended with other liquors.
TRIPLE MALT, noun. Short for triple malt whisky, triple malt scotch or triple malt brandy.
TRIPLE NEGATIVE BREAST CANCER, noun. A type of breast cancer, which affects African women more than white women, in which the three normal receptors are absent.
TRIPLE O, proper noun. (Australia) Phonetic rendition of Australia′s emergency services telephone number, 000.
TRIPLE O, noun. (US) A one-on-one.
TRIPLE PLAY, noun. (baseball) A defensive play in which three outs are recorded.
TRIPLE PLAY, noun. An offering of three bundled services, especially telephone, television and broadband Internet.
TRIPLE PLAYS, noun. Plural of triple play
TRIPLE POINT, noun. (physics) The unique temperature and pressure at which the solid, liquid and gas phases of a substance are all in equilibrium.
TRIPLE REASSORTANT, noun. A viral strain containing genes from three different organisms
TRIPLE SEC, noun. Any of several triple-distilled liqueurs flavoured with fruit e.g. Curaçao, Cointreau, and Grand Marnier
TRIPLE SEC, noun. A branded liqueur from Curaçao flavoured with orange peel
TRIPLE SECS, noun. Plural of triple sec
TRIPLE SIM, adjective. (mobile phones) holding three SIM cards
TRIPLE STAR, noun. (star) Three stars which form a stellar system, such that they orbit the point of equilibrium of their gravitational fields; a trinary star.
TRIPLE STAR, noun. (star) Three stars that appear to be one when seen with the naked eye, either because they orbit one another (trinary stars) or happen to be in the same line of sight even though they are separated by a great distance.
TRIPLE STAR SYSTEM, noun. (star) a trinary star
TRIPLE STARS, noun. Plural of triple star
TRIPLE THREAT, noun. A person talented at three different activities, typically an entertainer who can act, dance, and sing equally well.
TRIPLE THREATER, noun. Alternative form of triple threat
TRIPLE WHAMMY, noun. A threefold blow or setback (popularized in the Li'l Abner comic strip)
TRIPLE WITCHING, noun. (finance) Simultaneous expiry on US markets of stock index futures, stock index options, and stock options, which took place on the third Friday of March, June, September, and December. (With the introduction of single stock futures those days are now quadruple witching.)
TRIPLE WITCHING HOUR, noun. The final hour of trading during which three types of derivatives contracts expire.
TRIPLE X SYNDROME, noun. A form of chromosomal variation characterized by the presence of an extra X chromosome in each cell of a human female, sometimes leading to tall stature, learning disabilities, and/or epicanthic folds.

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TRIPLE, noun. A base hit at which the batter stops safely at third base.
TRIPLE, noun. A set of three similar things considered as a unit.
TRIPLE, noun. A quantity that is three times as great as another.
TRIPLE, verb. Increase threefold; "Triple your income!".
TRIPLE, verb. Hit a three-base hit.
TRIPLE, adjective. Having three units or components or elements; "a ternary operation"; "a treble row of red beads"; "overcrowding made triple sessions necessary"; "triple time has three beats per measure"; "triplex windows".
TRIPLE, adjective. Three times as great or many; "a claim for treble (or triple) damages"; "a threefold increase".

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