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DIGIT, noun. A finger or toe.
DIGIT, noun. A numeral that can be combined with others to write larger numbers, and that cannot itself be split into other numerals.
DIGIT, noun. (slang) (in the plural) One's phone number.
DIGIT, noun. (archaic) A finger's breadth, commonly estimated to be three quarters of an inch.
DIGIT, noun. (astronomy) A twelfth of the diameter of the Sun or Moon; used to express the quantity of an eclipse.
DIGIT, verb. (transitive) To point at or point out with the finger.

Dictionary definition

DIGIT, noun. One of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; "0 and 1 are digits".
DIGIT, noun. The length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure.
DIGIT, noun. A finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates.

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