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SEQUENTIAL, adjective. Succeeding or following in order.
SEQUENTIAL ART, noun. (arts) (comics) A form of art where the content is presented in a series of artistic items positioned in a specific order to convey its message or effect, such as a comic strip.
SEQUENTIAL COMPACTNESS, noun. (analysis) The property of a metric space that every sequence has a convergent subsequence.
SEQUENTIAL CONTINUITY, noun. (analysis) The property of a function \( f \) between metric spaces, that given a convergent sequence \( x_n \rightarrow x^* \), then \( f(x_n) \rightarrow f(x^*) \), i.e. the property of a function that it preserves sequential convergence.
SEQUENTIAL FILE, noun. (computing) A file which consists of the same record types that is stored on a secondary storage device. The physical sequence of records may be based upon sorting values of one or more data items or fields.
SEQUENTIAL LOGIC, noun. (electrical engineering) Said of a digital circuit block: that the current outputs depend not only on the current inputs, but also on a memory of past inputs and states.
SEQUENTIAL MANUAL GEARBOX, noun. A manual gearbox, with no clutch, in which the gears may be selected only in sequence.
SEQUENTIAL MANUAL GEARBOXES, noun. Plural of sequential manual gearbox

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SEQUENTIAL, adjective. In regular succession without gaps; "serial concerts".

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