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DIFFERENTIAL, adjective. Of, or relating to a difference
DIFFERENTIAL, adjective. Dependent on, or making a difference; distinctive
DIFFERENTIAL, adjective. Having differences in speed or direction of motion
DIFFERENTIAL, adjective. (mathematics) of, or relating to differentiation, or the differential calculus
DIFFERENTIAL, noun. The differential gear in an automobile etc
DIFFERENTIAL, noun. A qualitative or quantitative difference between similar or comparable things
DIFFERENTIAL, noun. (mathematics) an infinitesimal change in a variable, or the result of differentiation
DIFFERENTIAL, noun. One of two coils of conducting wire so related to one another or to a magnet or armature common to both, that one coil produces polar action contrary to that of the other.
DIFFERENTIAL, noun. A form of conductor used for dividing and distributing the current to a series of electric lamps so as to maintain equal action in all.
DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS, noun. (calculus) The calculus that deals with instantaneous rates of change.
DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSES, noun. Plural of differential diagnosis
DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS, noun. (medicine) The process of determining which disease, from a set of possible candidates, is causing a patient's symptoms.
DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS, noun. (medicine) A list of the common causes of a primary symptom.
DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION, noun. (calculus) an equation involving the derivatives of a function
DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS, noun. Plural of differential equation
DIFFERENTIAL GEAR, noun. An arrangement of bevel gears permitting the rotation of two shafts at two different speeds whilst supplying the same torque; used on the rear axles of automobiles to aid cornering.
DIFFERENTIAL GEOMETRY, noun. (geometry) Study of geometry using differential calculus.
DIFFERENTIAL MEDIUM, noun. Growth medium that allows two or more organisms to be distinguished from one another by some parameter, such as growth vs. no-growth, distinguishing colors, distinguishing morphologies, etc.
DIFFERENTIAL SCANNING CALORIMETRY, noun. A thermal analysis technique in which a tiny sample pan is heated together with an empty reference pan and the difference in heat flow between the two measured as a function of temperature.
DIFFERENTIAL THERMAL ANALYSIS, noun. (physics) (chemistry) the branch of materials science that studies the temperature dependant properties of materials compared with some reference material
DIFFERENTIAL TOPOLOGY, noun. (mathematics) Field dealing with differentiable functions on differentiable manifolds.

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DIFFERENTIAL, noun. The result of mathematical differentiation; the instantaneous change of one quantity relative to another; df(x)/dx.
DIFFERENTIAL, noun. A quality that differentiates between similar things.
DIFFERENTIAL, noun. A bevel gear that permits rotation of two shafts at different speeds; used on the rear axle of automobiles to allow wheels to rotate at different speeds on curves.
DIFFERENTIAL, adjective. Relating to or showing a difference; "differential treatment".
DIFFERENTIAL, adjective. Involving or containing one or more derivatives; "differential equation".

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