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OPERATOR, noun. One who operates.
OPERATOR, noun. A telecommunications facilitator whose job is to establish temporary network connections.
OPERATOR, noun. (mathematics) A function or other mapping that carries variables defined on a domain into another variable or set of variables in a defined range.
OPERATOR, noun. Chinese whispers.
OPERATOR, noun. (informal) A person who is adept at making deals or getting results, especially one who uses questionable methods.
OPERATOR, noun. A member of a military Special Operations unit.
OPERATOR, noun. (computing) The administrator of a channel or network on IRC.
OPERATOR, noun. (linguistics) A kind of expression that enters into an a-bar movement dependency and is said to bind a variable.
OPERATOR THEORY, noun. (math) A branch of functional analysis, being the study of linear operators on function spaces.

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OPERATOR, noun. (mathematics) a symbol or function representing a mathematical operation.
OPERATOR, noun. An agent that operates some apparatus or machine; "the operator of the switchboard".
OPERATOR, noun. Someone who owns or operates a business; "who is the operator of this franchise?".
OPERATOR, noun. A shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties.
OPERATOR, noun. A speculator who trades aggressively on stock or commodity markets.

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