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TELEGRAPH, noun. (historical) An apparatus, or a process, for communicating rapidly between distant points, especially by means of established visible or audible signals representing words or ideas, or by means of words and signs, transmitted by electrical means.
TELEGRAPH, verb. To send a message by telegraph
TELEGRAPH, verb. To give nonverbal signals to another, as with gestures or a change in attitude.
TELEGRAPH, verb. To show one's intended action unintentionally.
TELEGRAPH CODE, noun. Character encoding used to transmit information through telegraphy machines.
TELEGRAPH CODES, noun. Plural of telegraph code
TELEGRAPH LINE, noun. A wire strung between two locations allowing telegraphic communication between them.
TELEGRAPH PLANT, noun. Codariocalyx motorius, a tropical Asian shrub, one of the few plants capable of rapid movement.
TELEGRAPH PLANTS, noun. Plural of telegraph plant
TELEGRAPH POLE, noun. A telegraph post
TELEGRAPH POLES, noun. Plural of telegraph pole
TELEGRAPH POST, noun. A pole, usually wooden, that carries telephone lines above a street.
TELEGRAPH POSTS, noun. Plural of telegraph post

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TELEGRAPH, noun. Apparatus used to communicate at a distance over a wire (usually in Morse code).
TELEGRAPH, verb. Send cables, wires, or telegrams.

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