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WIRELESS, adjective. Not having any wires.
WIRELESS, adjective. Of or relating to communication without a wired connection, such as by radio waves.
WIRELESS, noun. (uncountable) The medium of radio communication.
WIRELESS, noun. (dated) A radio set.
WIRELESS, noun. (uncountable) Wireless connectivity to a computer network.
WIRELESS, verb. To send a message by wireless (by radio)
WIRELESS ADAPTER, noun. (computing) Any of several devices that allows connectivity from a PC or PDA to a wireless network
WIRELESS ADAPTERS, noun. Plural of wireless adapter
WIRELESS CABLE, noun. (television) A method of cable television distribution using prior wireless signal reception via a microwave antenna.
WIRELESS MODEM, noun. (computing) A modem fitted with an antenna that transmits and receives using radio waves
WIRELESS MODEMS, noun. Plural of wireless modem
WIRELESS NETWORK, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see wireless,‎ network.
WIRELESS NETWORK, noun. (computing) Devices connected to a network using a centralized wireless access point (WAP).
WIRELESS NETWORKS, noun. Plural of wireless network
WIRELESS OPERATOR, noun. (dated) A person who operates a radio transmitter on a ship or in an outpost, military unit, etc., in order to communicate over long distances.
WIRELESS OPERATOR, noun. (business) A commercial firm which provides mobile communications services.
WIRELESS OPERATORS, noun. Plural of wireless operator
WIRELESS TELEGRAPHIES, noun. Plural of wireless telegraphy
WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY, noun. Telegraphy by radio rather than by transmission cables
WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY, noun. The use of radio to send signals by Morse code
WIRELESS TELEPHONY, noun. (dated) The transmission of voice using radio

Dictionary definition

WIRELESS, noun. Medium for communication.
WIRELESS, noun. Transmission by radio waves.
WIRELESS, noun. An electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals.
WIRELESS, noun. A communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves.
WIRELESS, adjective. Having no wires; "a wireless security system".

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