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ROUTER, noun. Someone who routes or directs items from one location to another.
ROUTER, noun. (telecommunications) Any device that directs packets of information using the equivalent of Open Systems Interconnection layer 3 (network layer) information. Most commonly used in reference to Internet Protocol routers.
ROUTER, noun. (Internet) A device that connects local area networks to form a larger internet by, at minimum, selectively passing those datagrams having a destination IP address to the network which is able to deliver them to their destination; a network gateway.
ROUTER, noun. (electronics) (electronic design automation) In integrated circuit or printed circuit board design, an algorithm for adding all wires needed to properly connect all of the placed components while obeying all design rules.
ROUTER, noun. A power tool used in carpentry for cutting grooves.
ROUTER, noun. A plane made like a spokeshave, for working the inside edges of circular sashes.
ROUTER, noun. A plane with a hooked tool protruding far below the sole, for smoothing the bottom of a cavity.
ROUTER, verb. To hollow out or cut using a router power tool.

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ROUTER, noun. A worker who routes shipments for distribution and delivery.
ROUTER, noun. (computer science) a device that forwards data packets between computer networks.
ROUTER, noun. A power tool with a shaped cutter; used in carpentry for cutting grooves.

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