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VIRTUAL, adjective. In effect or essence, if not in fact or reality; imitated, simulated.
VIRTUAL, adjective. Having the power of acting or of invisible efficacy without the agency of the material or measurable part; potential.
VIRTUAL, adjective. Nearly, almost. (A relatively recent corruption of meaning, attributed to misuse in advertising and media.)
VIRTUAL, adjective. Simulated in a computer or online.
VIRTUAL, adjective. Operating by computer or in cyberspace; not physically present.
VIRTUAL, adjective. (computing) (object-oriented programming) (of a class member) Capable of being overridden with a different implementation in a subclass.
VIRTUAL, adjective. (physics) Pertaining to particles in temporary existence due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
VIRTUAL, noun. (computing) In C++, a virtual member function of a class.
VIRTUAL ADDRESS, noun. (computing) The identification of a location in virtual storage that is mapped by the operating system into a location in real storage and thus appears to an application program to be an absolute address
VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES, noun. Plural of virtual community
VIRTUAL COMMUNITY, noun. A group of people that primarily or initially communicates or interacts via the Internet.
VIRTUAL CONSUMPTION, noun. (advertising) The artificial memories created by experiential advertising.
VIRTUAL DARKNESS, noun. An environment that has some of the physiological effects of darkness.
VIRTUAL DESKTOP, noun. (computing) (GUI) A desktop (visual workspace) offering more space than the physical screen would usually allow, controlled either by scrolling or by switching between screenfuls.
VIRTUAL DESKTOPS, noun. Plural of virtual desktop
VIRTUAL FRIDAY, noun. The final day of something such as work or school prior to a long weekend, typically Thursday
VIRTUAL FUNCTION, noun. (computing) (object-oriented) Synonym of virtual method.
VIRTUAL FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of virtual function
VIRTUAL MACHINE, noun. (computing) A software emulation of a computer that runs in an isolated partition of a real computer.
VIRTUAL MACHINE, noun. (computing) A computer system that is implemented in software rather than hardware and that runs bytecode.
VIRTUAL MACHINES, noun. Plural of virtual machine
VIRTUAL MARKET, noun. Prediction market
VIRTUAL MEMORY, noun. (computing) Memory that appears to be RAM but is being simulated (by a process called paging) on a hard disk; allows a computer to operate as if it had more memory than it actually does, but with some loss of performance
VIRTUAL METHOD, noun. (computing) (object-oriented) A method whose behavior can be overridden within an inheriting class by a method with the same signature.
VIRTUAL METHODS, noun. Plural of virtual method
VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION, noun. An organized entity, whether corporate or charitable, that does not exist in any one, central location, but instead exists solely through the Internet
VIRTUAL PARTICLE, noun. (physics) a particle that exists for a limited time and space, introducing uncertainty in their energy and momentum
VIRTUAL PIANO, noun. (music) (computing) A software application designed to simulate playing a piano (or other keyboard instrument) on a personal computer.
VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK, noun. (computing) a network set up for use by a limited number of individuals, such as employees of a company, operating over a large area. The network typically uses encryption to keep information secure.
VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS, noun. Plural of virtual private network
VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER, noun. (computing) A virtualized server cohosted with other virtual server instances on the same hardware.
VIRTUAL PROXIES, noun. Plural of virtual proxy
VIRTUAL PROXY, noun. (Internet) A proxy that controls access to a resource that is expensive to create.
VIRTUAL REALITIES, noun. Plural of virtual reality
VIRTUAL REALITY, noun. A reality that is only based in the computer.
VIRTUAL SAFETY CAR, noun. (motorsport) a race condition where the race steward declares that all race cars must run a similar pace and must not exceed a certain speed, so that they will appear to each follow their own personal imaginary safety car, theoretically maintaining race separations without change, and where they cannot overtake each other
VIRTUAL SEASON, noun. (fandom) An unofficial season of episodes (or scripts for episodes) produced collaboratively by fans of a television series.
VIRTUAL SEASONS, noun. Plural of virtual season
VIRTUAL SEX, noun. Sexual activity where two or more people stimulate each other transmitting erotic material using the Internet, telephones or other electronic communication equipment.
VIRTUAL TEMPERATURE, noun. The temperature a dry parcel of air would need to have the same density as a parcel of a specific temperature and humidity

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VIRTUAL, adjective. Being actually such in almost every respect; "a practical failure"; "the once elegant temple lay in virtual ruin".
VIRTUAL, adjective. Existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact; "a virtual dependence on charity"; "a virtual revolution"; "virtual reality".

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