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IMMERSION, noun. The act of immersing or the condition of being immersed
IMMERSION, noun. The total submerging of a person in water as an act of baptism
IMMERSION, noun. (British) (Ireland) (informal) an immersion heater
IMMERSION, noun. (mathematics) a smooth map whose differential is everywhere injective, related to the mathematical concept of an embedding
IMMERSION, noun. (astronomy) The disappearance of a celestial body, by passing either behind another, as in the occultation of a star, or into its shadow, as in the eclipse of a satellite; opposed to emersion.
IMMERSION BLENDER, noun. A long, electric, hand-held tool with sharp blades at the end, designed for immersion into food to mash or liquefy it.
IMMERSION BLENDERS, noun. Plural of immersion blender
IMMERSION FOOT, noun. A medical condition which can affect the feet when they are constantly cold and wet. Similar to, but not the same as frostbite.
IMMERSION HEATER, noun. A device for supplying domestic hot water in which a thermostatically-controlled heating element is immersed within a tank of water
IMMERSION LENS, noun. A microscopic objective of short focal distance designed to work with a drop of liquid between the front lens and the slide, so that this lens is practically immersed.

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IMMERSION, noun. Sinking until covered completely with water.
IMMERSION, noun. (astronomy) the disappearance of a celestial body prior to an eclipse.
IMMERSION, noun. Complete attention; intense mental effort.
IMMERSION, noun. A form of baptism in which part or all of a person's body is submerged.
IMMERSION, noun. The act of wetting something by submerging it.

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