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MANIFOLD, noun. (now historical) A copy made by the manifold writing process.
MANIFOLD, noun. (mechanics) A pipe fitting or similar device that connects multiple inputs or outputs.
MANIFOLD, noun. (US) (regional) (in the plural) The third stomach of a ruminant animal, an omasum.
MANIFOLD, noun. (mathematics) A topological space that looks locally like the "ordinary" Euclidean space \(\mathbb{R}^n\) and is Hausdorff.
MANIFOLD, adjective. Various in kind or quality, diverse
MANIFOLD, adjective. Many in number, numerous; multiple, multiplied.
MANIFOLD, adjective. Complicated.
MANIFOLD, adjective. Exhibited at diverse times or in various ways.
MANIFOLD, adverb. Many times; repeatedly.
MANIFOLD, verb. (transitive) To make manifold; multiply.
MANIFOLD, verb. (transitive) (printing) To multiply or reproduce impressions of by a single operation.

Dictionary definition

MANIFOLD, noun. A pipe that has several lateral outlets to or from other pipes.
MANIFOLD, noun. A lightweight paper used with carbon paper to make multiple copies; "an original and two manifolds".
MANIFOLD, noun. A set of points such as those of a closed surface or an analogue in three or more dimensions.
MANIFOLD, verb. Make multiple copies of; "multiply a letter".
MANIFOLD, verb. Combine or increase by multiplication; "He managed to multiply his profits".
MANIFOLD, adjective. Many and varied; having many features or forms; "manifold reasons"; "our manifold failings"; "manifold intelligence"; "the multiplex opportunities in high technology".

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