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HOMOGENEOUS, adjective. Of the same kind; alike, similar.
HOMOGENEOUS, adjective. Having the same composition throughout; of uniform make-up.
HOMOGENEOUS, adjective. (chemistry) in the same state of matter.
HOMOGENEOUS, adjective. (mathematics) Of which the properties of a smaller set apply to the whole; scalable.
HOMOGENEOUS, adjective. (deprecated) Alternative form of homogenous
HOMOGENEOUS CATALYSES, noun. Plural of homogeneous catalysis
HOMOGENEOUS CATALYSIS, noun. (chemistry) Catalysis in which the catalyst is present in the same phase as the reactants; normally dissolved in the same solvent.
HOMOGENEOUS FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) homogeneous polynomial
HOMOGENEOUS FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) the ratio of two homogeneous polynomials, such that the sum of the exponents in a term of the numerator is equal to the sum of the exponents in a term of the denominator.
HOMOGENEOUS FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) a function f(x) which has the property that for any c, \( f(c x) = c f(x) \).
HOMOGENEOUS FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of homogeneous function
HOMOGENEOUS MIXTURE, noun. A mixture that is uniform throughout, and has only one phase.
HOMOGENEOUS MIXTURES, noun. Plural of homogeneous mixture
HOMOGENEOUS NUMBER, noun. A number that shares its prime factors with another.
HOMOGENEOUS POLYNOMIAL, noun. (mathematics) a polynomial such that the sum of the exponents of the variables is the same for every term.
HOMOGENEOUS POLYNOMIALS, noun. Plural of homogeneous polynomial
HOMOGENEOUS SPACE, noun. A manifold or topological space X on which G acts by symmetry in a transitive way.

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HOMOGENEOUS, adjective. All of the same or similar kind or nature; "a close-knit homogeneous group".

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