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HETEROGENEOUS, adjective. Diverse in kind or nature; composed of diverse parts.
HETEROGENEOUS, adjective. (mathematics) Incommensurable because of different kinds.
HETEROGENEOUS, adjective. (physics) Having more than one phase (solid, liquid, gas) present in a system or process.
HETEROGENEOUS, adjective. (chemistry) Visibly consisting of different components.
HETEROGENEOUS, adjective. (computing) Of a network comprising different types of computers, potentially with vastly differing memory sizes, processing power and even basic underlying architecture; alternatively, of a data resource with multiple types of formats.
HETEROGENEOUS CATALYSES, noun. Plural of heterogeneous catalysis
HETEROGENEOUS CATALYSIS, noun. (chemistry) Catalysis in which the catalyst is present in a separate phase; normally the catalyst is a solid and the reactants are gas or liquid; it proceeds by the reaction of chemisorbed complexes.
HETEROGENEOUS MIXTURE, noun. A mixture that is separated into different regions or phases that have different compositions or properties.
HETEROGENEOUS MIXTURES, noun. Plural of heterogeneous mixture

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HETEROGENEOUS, adjective. Consisting of elements that are not of the same kind or nature; "the population of the United States is vast and heterogeneous".
HETEROGENEOUS, adjective. Originating outside the body.

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