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ENVIRONMENT, noun. The surroundings of, and influences on, a particular item of interest.
ENVIRONMENT, noun. The natural world or ecosystem.
ENVIRONMENT, noun. All the elements that affect a system or its inputs and outputs.
ENVIRONMENT, noun. A particular political or social setting, arena or condition.
ENVIRONMENT, noun. (computing) The software and/or hardware existing on any particular computer system.
ENVIRONMENT, noun. (programming) The environment of a function at a point during the execution of a program is the set of identifiers in the function's scope and their bindings at that point.
ENVIRONMENT, noun. (computing) The set of variables and their values in a namespace that an operating system associates with a process.
ENVIRONMENT DIVISION, noun. (computing) The part of a COBOL program that specifies the hardware on which it is designed to run, the symbolic names to be used by files, and certain other specifications
ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE, noun. A variable used to configure the operating system environment.
ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES, noun. Plural of environment variable

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ENVIRONMENT, noun. The totality of surrounding conditions; "he longed for the comfortable environment of his living room".
ENVIRONMENT, noun. The area in which something exists or lives; "the country--the flat agricultural surround".

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