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URBAN, adjective. Related to the (or any) city.
URBAN, adjective. Characteristic of city life.
URBAN, proper noun. (uncommon) A male given name
URBAN, proper noun. A patronymic surname​.
URBAN, proper noun. An early Christian, also Urbane and Urbanus in various versions of the Bible. (biblical character)
URBAN BLIGHT, noun. (urban studies) Urban decay consisting of the deterioration of part of a town or city due to ageing, neglect, and lack of financial support for maintenance.
URBAN BLIGHTS, noun. Plural of urban blight
URBAN BOARDING, noun. A sport that involves a board similar to a skateboard but without wheels or trucks. You simply flip the board around using your feet or run and grind on objects. You can also stall on corners or edges. Duct tape can be used to put on objects to make them easier to grind on.
URBAN CONTEMPORARY, noun. A category of music including hip-hop, R&B, and other primarily African-American genres.
URBAN COWBOY, noun. A person living in the city that dresses in Western-style clothes.
URBAN COWBOY, proper noun. Pop-styled country music which became popular during the early 1980s, following the release of the 1980 movie "Urban Cowboy."
URBAN COWBOYS, noun. Plural of Urban Cowboy
URBAN CRAWL, noun. A condition of hyperdensity, limited but enabling scale of communicative possibilities that converge opportunistically. It occurs when the pressure of an urban environment reaches a critical threshold in cities of developing countries.
URBAN CRAWLS, noun. Plural of urban crawl
URBAN EXPLORATION, noun. A hobby which consists of exploring restricted urban sites, such as abandonments, tunnels, roofs, etc., as well as certain non-urban sites such as mines.
URBAN EXPLORER, noun. A person who explores restricted urban areas such as abandonments, tunnels, roofs, construction sites, etc. Certain non-urban sites can also count, such as mines, quarries, and grain/missile silos.
URBAN EXPLORERS, noun. Plural of urban explorer
URBAN FABRIC, noun. (idiomatic) (literary) The physical aspect of urbanism, emphasizing building types, thoroughfares, open space, frontages, and streetscapes but excluding environmental, functional, economic and sociocultural aspects.
URBAN FURNITURE, noun. Street furniture.
URBAN LEGEND, noun. A widely circulated story that is untrue or apocryphal, often having elements of humour or horror.
URBAN LEGENDS, noun. Plural of urban legend
URBAN MYTH, noun. A widely circulated story, often believed to be true by the teller, but usually distorted, exaggerated or fabricated for sensational effect, and often having elements of humour or horror.
URBAN MYTHS, noun. Plural of urban myth
URBAN PLANNER, noun. A specialist in urban planning.
URBAN PLANNING, noun. The conscious design of towns and cities
URBAN PLANNING, noun. The science of such design
URBAN PLANNINGS, noun. Plural of urban planning
URBAN RENEWAL, noun. A process where older areas of a city are redeveloped, including slum clearance, replacement of outdated buildings and infrastructure.
URBAN RESERVE, noun. (US) (Canada) A division of property owned by a First Nations community within an urban area.
URBAN SANITARY DISTRICT, noun. (British) a sanitary district that was established in a municipal borough
URBAN SANITARY DISTRICTS, noun. Plural of urban sanitary district
URBAN SCATTERING, noun. The construction of housing in a sporadic and unregulated manner in periurban, rural or country areas.
URBAN SPRAWL, noun. (urban studies) an unplanned, disorganized growth of housing etc on the edge of a city
URBAN SPRAWLS, noun. Plural of urban sprawl

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URBAN, adjective. Relating to or concerned with a city or densely populated area; "urban sociology"; "urban development".
URBAN, adjective. Located in or characteristic of a city or city life; "urban property owners"; "urban affairs"; "urban manners".

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