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MAINSTREAM, adjective. Used or accepted broadly rather than by a tiny fraction of a population or market.
MAINSTREAM, noun. (usually with the) That which is common; the norm.
MAINSTREAM, verb. (transitive) To educate (a disabled student) together with non-disabled students.
MAINSTREAM, verb. (transitive) To popularize, to normalize, to render mainstream.
MAINSTREAM AMERICA, noun. That part of American society which is normal, is not deviant because of ethnicity, religion, lack of religion, culture or values
MAINSTREAM AMERICAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to mainstream America.
MAINSTREAM AMERICAN, adjective. Ordinary American people who are not ethnically or culturally marginalized
MAINSTREAM AMERICAN, adjective. Ordinary American ideas and values, especially political and/or religious ideas and values which are not extreme

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MAINSTREAM, noun. The prevailing current of thought; "his thinking was in the American mainstream".

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