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INDIE, adjective. Independent; from outside the mainstream
INDIE, noun. An independent publisher.
INDIE, noun. A work released by an independent publisher.
INDIE, noun. (uncountable) (music genre) A type of rock music, generally soft-style without screaming or aggression, mixed with synthesized music and electronic.
INDIE, noun. A person who listens to indie music and follows indie fashion
INDIE FOLK, noun. (music) A genre of folk music influenced by indie rock.
INDIE POP, noun. (music) A genre of pop music that has little mainstream appeal and is influenced by alternative rock or indie rock.
INDIE ROCK, noun. (music genre) A genre of modern rock, originally synonymous with alternative rock but now referring to a specific style of popular rock music.

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INDIE, noun. A pop group not affiliated with a major record company.
INDIE, noun. An independent film company not associated with an established studio.
INDIE, adjective. (of pop groups) not affiliated with a major recording company.

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