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HARDCORE, adjective. Having an extreme dedication to a certain activity; diehard.
HARDCORE, adjective. (slang) Particularly intense; thrillingly dangerous or erratic; desirably violent in appearance; pleasing or "cool" due to intensity or danger.
HARDCORE, adjective. Resistant to change.
HARDCORE, adjective. Obscene or explicit.
HARDCORE, adjective. (pornography) Depicting penetration.
HARDCORE, adjective. (music) Faster or more intense than the regular style.
HARDCORE, noun. Broken bricks, stone and/or other aggregate used as foundations especially in road and path laying.
HARDCORE, noun. Hardcore punk
HARDCORE, noun. Gangsta rap
HARDCORE, noun. Hardcore techno
HARDCORE PORN, noun. Alternative form of hardcore pornography
HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY, noun. Pornography featuring sexual penetration and other sexually explicit acts.
HARDCORE PUNK, noun. (music genre) An American genre of punk rock influenced by heavy metal, characterized by heavy use of distorted guitars and angry, often virulent vocals.

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HARDCORE, adjective. Intensely loyal; "his hard-core supporters".
HARDCORE, adjective. Extremely explicit; "hard-core pornography".

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