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BASS, adjective. Of sound, a voice or an instrument, low in pitch or frequency.
BASS, noun. A low spectrum of sound tones.
BASS, noun. A section of musical group that produces low-pitched sound, lower than tenor.
BASS, noun. A male singer who sings in the bass range.
BASS, noun. (musical instrument) An instrument that plays in the bass range, in particular a double bass, bass guitar, electric bass or bass synthesiser.
BASS, noun. The clef sign that indicates that the pitch of the notes is below middle C; a bass clef.
BASS, verb. To sound in a deep tone.
BASS, noun. The perch; any of various marine and freshwater fish resembling the perch, all within the order of Perciformes.
BASS, noun. The linden or lime tree.
BASS, noun. Its bark, used for making mats.
BASS, noun. A hassock or thick mat.
BASS, proper noun. An English brand of bottled pale ale
BASS, proper noun. A surname​.
BASS BIN, noun. A large speaker for bass reproduction.
BASS BINS, noun. Plural of bass bin
BASS BOAT, noun. A small boat, usually made from aluminum or fiberglass and propelled by two motors, designed and equipped primarily for fishing for bass or other panfish.
BASS BOATS, noun. Plural of bass boat
BASS BOMB, noun. An extremely low bass note that, when played through a subwoofer, physically shakes the listener.
BASS BOMBS, noun. Plural of bass bomb
BASS C, noun. (music) the C note exactly one octave below middle C
BASS CLARINET, noun. A bass instrument in the clarinet family.
BASS CLEF, noun. (music) A symbol showing that the second line from the top of the staff represents the F below middle C.
BASS CLEFS, noun. Plural of bass clef
BASS DRUM, noun. A large drum with a low pitch
BASS DRUMMER, noun. Someone who plays the bass drum.
BASS DRUMMERS, noun. Plural of bass drummer
BASS DRUMS, noun. Plural of bass drum
BASS FIDDLE, noun. (musical instrument) double bass (lowest-pitched of instruments of violin family)
BASS FIDDLER, noun. A double bassist; someone who plays the bass fiddle (double bass).
BASS FIDDLERS, noun. Plural of bass fiddler
BASS FIDDLES, noun. Plural of bass fiddle
BASS GUITAR, noun. (musical instrument) A long-necked and solid-bodied stringed instrument (chordophone), tuned to produce bass or low notes, usually with a fretted fingerboard and four thick strings, and requiring the use of an amplifier.
BASS GUITARIST, noun. Someone who plays, or performs on, the bass guitar.
BASS GUITARS, noun. Plural of bass guitar
BASS HORN, noun. A large brass instrument in the bass range, usually referring to the modern tuba or the archaic serpent
BASS HORNS, noun. Plural of bass horn
BASS NOTE, noun. (of a chord or sonority) The lowest note played or notated
BASS NOTES, noun. Plural of bass note
BASS REFLEX, noun. A type of loudspeaker enclosure that uses the sound from the rear side of the diaphragm to increase the efficiency of the system at low frequencies, as compared to a typical closed-box loudspeaker or an infinite baffle mounting.
BASS STAFF, noun. (music) a staff which starts with a bass clef
BASS STAFFS, noun. Plural of bass staff
BASS STRAIT, proper noun. A strait between Australia and Tasmania
BASS TRAP, noun. A device, usually a foam block, placed in the corner of a control room or listening room in order to reduce unwanted low-frequency noises.
BASS TROMBONE, noun. (musici) A trombone with the same fundamental pitch as the tenor, typically has two valves, a wider bore, and larger bell. These help to produce a fuller, weightier, sound, and help play better in the lower register.
BASS VIOL, noun. A fretted, bowed, stringed musical instrument from the viola da gamba family. It occupies the bass range and is the lowest instrument in the family. Similar to (but smaller than) a cello.
BASS VIOLIN, noun. (musical instrument) double bass (lowest-pitched of instruments of violin family)
BASS VIOLINIST, noun. A double bassist; someone who plays the bass violin (double bass).
BASS VIOLINISTS, noun. Plural of bass violinist
BASS VIOLINS, noun. Plural of bass violin
BASS VIOLIST, noun. (music) Someone who plays the bass viol (double bass).
BASS VIOLS, noun. Plural of bass viol

Dictionary definition

BASS, noun. The lowest part of the musical range.
BASS, noun. The lowest part in polyphonic music.
BASS, noun. An adult male singer with the lowest voice.
BASS, noun. The lean flesh of a saltwater fish of the family Serranidae.
BASS, noun. Any of various North American freshwater fish with lean flesh (especially of the genus Micropterus).
BASS, noun. The lowest adult male singing voice.
BASS, noun. The member with the lowest range of a family of musical instruments.
BASS, noun. Nontechnical name for any of numerous edible marine and freshwater spiny-finned fishes.
BASS, adjective. Having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range; "a deep voice"; "a bass voice is lower than a baritone voice"; "a bass clarinet".

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