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SHAKER, noun. A person or thing that shakes, or by means of which something is shaken.
SHAKER, noun. A variety of pigeon.
SHAKER, noun. One who holds railroad spikes while they are hammered.
SHAKER, noun. A musical percussion instrument filled with granular solids which produce a rhythmic sound when shaken.
SHAKER, noun. One of a Christian Protestant religious sect who do not marry, popularly so called from the movements of the members in dancing, which forms a part of their worship.

Dictionary definition

SHAKER, noun. A person who wields power and influence; "a shaker of traditional beliefs"; "movers and shakers in the business world".
SHAKER, noun. A member of Christian group practicing celibacy and communal living and common possession of property and separation from the world.
SHAKER, noun. A container in which something can be shaken.

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