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MAINE, proper noun. A province in northwest France, centred on the city of Le Mans.
MAINE, proper noun. The northeasternmost state of the United States of America, the capital of which is Augusta.
MAINE, proper noun. A town in Marathon County, Wisconsin.
MAINE, proper noun. A town in Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
MAINE, proper noun. A town in Broome County, New York.
MAINE, proper noun. A river, a tributary of the Loire, in the Maine-et-Loire département in France.
MAINE COON, noun. A large, semi-longhair, natural domestic cat breed that originated in Maine.
MAINE COONS, noun. Plural of Maine Coon
MAINE LAW, noun. Any law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating beverages, especially one resembling that enacted in the State of Maine.
MAINE LAWS, noun. Plural of Maine law

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MAINE, noun. A state in New England.

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