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COMMUNE, noun. A small community, often rural, whose members share in the ownership of property, and in the division of labour; the members of such a community.
COMMUNE, noun. A local political division in many European countries.
COMMUNE, noun. (obsolete) The commonalty; the common people.
COMMUNE, noun. (obsolete) communion; sympathetic intercourse or conversation between friends
COMMUNE, verb. To converse together with sympathy and confidence; to interchange sentiments or feelings; to take counsel.
COMMUNE, verb. (intransitive) (followed by with) To communicate (with) spiritually; to be together (with); to contemplate or absorb.
COMMUNE, verb. To receive the communion.

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COMMUNE, noun. The smallest administrative district of several European countries.
COMMUNE, noun. A body of people or families living together and sharing everything.
COMMUNE, verb. Communicate intimately with; be in a state of heightened, intimate receptivity; "He seemed to commune with nature".
COMMUNE, verb. Receive Communion, in the Catholic church.

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