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EN, noun. English
EN, noun. The name of the Latin-script letter N/n.
EN, noun. (typography) A unit of measurement equal to half of an em (half of the height of the type in use).
EN, preposition. Used in various phrases borrowed from French or formed as if borrowed from French (see "Derived terms" below).
EN, symbol. (metrology) Symbol for the exanewton, an SI unit of force equal to 1018 newtons.
EN BANC, adverb. (legal): As a group, particularly with respect to a legal decision rendered by all of the judges sitting on a court, rather than by a smaller panel of judges from that court.
EN BLOC, adverb. As a whole; all at once; all together
EN CLAIR, adverb. (of the transmission of a signal) In clear language without any encryption
EN CREUX, adverb. (engraving) In intaglio; by sinking or hollowing out the design.
EN DASH, noun. (typography) The symbol '–' (used to express ranges).
EN DASHES, noun. Plural of en dash
EN FAMILLE, adverb. Informally
EN FAMILLE, adverb. At home
EN FEMME, adverb. (LGBT) (of a trans or genderqueer person) Dressed in feminine clothing.
EN FLUTE, adjective. (nautical) (of a ship) with all or some of her cannons removed.
EN GARDE, interjection. (fencing) Used to warn one's opponent to take a defensive position prior to a fight.
EN HOMME, adverb. (LGBT) (of a trans or genderqueer person) Dressed in maculine clothing.
EN MASS, adverb. Misspelling of en masse.
EN MASSE, adverb. In a single body or group; as one; together
EN PASSANT, adverb. In passing; incidentally; by the way
EN PASSANT, noun. (chess) A move in which a pawn captures an opposing pawn on the same rank immediately after the latter moved two squares from its initial position as if it had captured it while the latter was passing through.
EN POINTE, adverb. (ballet) On the tips of one's toes.
EN PRISE, adjective. (chess) (of a piece) Undefended, able to be captured.
EN QUAD, noun. (typography) A quad which has a fixed width of 1 en.
EN QUADS, noun. Plural of en quad
EN RAPPORT, adjective. In agreement; harmonious
EN ROUTE, adjective. On the way.
EN ROUTE, adjective. Along the way.
EN SPACE, noun. (typography) A space which has a nominal width of 1 en
EN SPACES, noun. Plural of en space
EN SUITE, adjective. As part of a set or series.
EN SUITE, adjective. (of a bathroom etc) Connected to a bedroom.
EN VENTRE SA MERE, adjective. (legal) in its mother's womb.
EN VENTRE SA MERE, adverb. (legal) in its mother's womb.

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EN, noun. Half the width of an em.

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