Associations to the word «Femme»


FEMME, noun. (archaic) (rare) A woman, a wife, particularly in heraldry.
FEMME, noun. (slang) (LGBT) A feminine lesbian, especially one who is attracted to masculine (butch) lesbians.
FEMME COUVERTE, noun. Alternative form of feme covert
FEMME FAN, noun. (dated) (fandom) A female fan, particularly of science fiction.
FEMME FANS, noun. Plural of femme fan
FEMME FATALE, noun. An attractive and seductive but ultimately dangerous woman.
FEMME FATALE FIREFLIES, noun. Plural of femme fatale firefly
FEMME FATALE FIREFLY, noun. Any of several fireflies, of the genus Photuris, that mimic the mating flashes of other species in order to predate the attracted males
FEMME FEN, noun. Plural of femme fan
FEMME INCOMPRISE, noun. A misunderstood or unappreciated woman.

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