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DAN, noun. A rank of black belt in martial arts
DAN, noun. Someone who has achieved a level of black belt
DAN, noun. (mining) A small truck or sledge used in coal mines.
DAN, noun. (obsolete) A title of honour equivalent to "master" or "sir".
DAN, proper noun. The fifth son of Jacob, whose mother was his wife's handmaid Bilhah.
DAN, proper noun. A male given name, derived from the son of Jacob.
DAN, proper noun. A male given name & nickname, derived from the prophet Daniel.
DAN, proper noun. A surname​.
DAN, proper noun. One of the Israelite tribes, descended from Dan.
DAN, proper noun. A former city occupied by the tribe
DAN, proper noun. The Dan River, the principal tributary of the Jordan, named for the city
DAN, noun. (obsolete) A title of respect: Sir, Master.
DAN, proper noun. A river in Shaanxi
DAN, symbol. (metrology) Symbol for the decanewton, an SI unit of force equal to 101 newtons.
DAN, noun. (biochemistry) Acronym of deadenylating nuclease, a protein that binds the 5' cap of mRNA and begins degradation in the 3' to 5' direction.
DAN, noun. (space science) (NASA) Acronym of w:Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons. (It is a scientific instrument of the Mars Science Laboratory onboard the Curiosity rover at Mars.)
DAN BAU, noun. (musical instrument) A monochord (one-stringed) zither-like stringed instrument (chordophone) of Vietnamese origin, played by plucking with a plectrum with one hand and using the other to vary the tension on the string to adjust the pitch.
DAN BUOY, noun. (nautical) A small buoy, sometimes made of cork with a small flag, used to temporarily mark a position at sea, normally to mark a fishing ground, a minesweeping area, or a man overboard.
DAN BUOYS, noun. Plural of dan buoy
DAN DAY, noun. (musical instrument) A type of lute with three strings, a hollow trapezoidal wooden body with an open back, and a very long neck, originating in traditional Vietnamese music (particularly ca trù).
DAN NGUYET, noun. (musical instrument) A moon-shaped kind of lute, a plucked, fretted lute with a round body and two strings, originating in traditional Vietnamese music.
DAN NHI, noun. (musical instrument) A vertical bowed fiddle-like string instrument with two strings, originating in the traditional and classical music of Vietnam.
DAN TRANH, noun. (musical instrument) A small plucked zither-like string instrument of Vietnamese origin.
DAN TY BA, noun. (musical instrument) A plucked four-stringed chordophone with a long neck and a pear-shaped body, originating in the traditional music of Vietnam.

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