Associations to the word «Del»


DEL, noun. (analysis) The symbol ∇ used to denote the gradient operator.
DEL, noun. (mathematics) the symbol ∂, in the context of a partial differential
DEL, noun. (obsolete) a part, portion
DEL, abbreviation. Delegate
DEL, abbreviation. Delegation
DEL, abbreviation. Delete
DEL, abbreviation. Delineavit
DEL, proper noun. (British) A diminutive of the male given name Derek.
DEL, proper noun. Abbreviation of Delaware.
DEL, noun. Abbreviation of Delete.
DEL BOY, noun. (UK) a male confidence trickster.
DEL CREDERE, adverb. (business) Engaging, when selling goods on credit, to guarantee to the principal that the purchaser is solvent. The seller is otherwise responsible for the debt.

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