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IO, symbol. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for British Indian Ocean Territory.
IO, noun. A type of moth, the io moth.
IO, interjection. An exclamation of joy or triumph.
IO, proper noun. (Greek mythology) The daughter of Inachus river god, and a lover of Zeus.
IO, proper noun. (astronomy) A moon of Jupiter, known for its volcanic activity, peppered with about 400 active volcanoes.
IO, proper noun. (astronomy) Short for 85 Io, a main belt asteroid; the asteroid shares its name with the Jovian moon
IO MOTH, noun. A large yellow moth, Automeris io, found in North America.
IO MOTHS, noun. Plural of io moth

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IO, noun. (Greek mythology) a maiden seduced by Zeus; when Hera was about to discover them together Zeus turned her into a white heifer.
IO, noun. The closest of Jupiter's moons; has active volcanoes.

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