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PAY, verb. (transitive) To give money or other compensation to in exchange for goods or services.
PAY, verb. (ambitransitive) To discharge, as a debt or other obligation, by giving or doing what is due or required.
PAY, verb. (transitive) To be profitable for.
PAY, verb. (transitive) To give (something else than money).
PAY, verb. (intransitive) To be profitable or worth the effort.
PAY, verb. (intransitive) To discharge an obligation or debt.
PAY, verb. (intransitive) To suffer consequences.
PAY, noun. Money given in return for work; salary or wages.
PAY, adjective. Operable or accessible on deposit of coins.
PAY, adjective. Pertaining to or requiring payment.
PAY, verb. (nautical) (transitive) To cover (the bottom of a vessel, a seam, a spar, etc.) with tar or pitch, or a waterproof composition of tallow, resin, etc.; to smear.
PAY A VISIT, verb. (idiomatic) To visit.
PAY AND DISPLAY, noun. A system used for regulating parking, in which the customer purchases a ticket from a machine and displays it on the dashboard or window of the vehicle.
PAY AS YOU EARN, noun. (British) The national system whereby income tax and national insurance is deducted by an employer from the salary or wages of an employee.
PAY ATTENTION, verb. (idiomatic) (intransitive) To attend; to be attentive; to focus one's attention.
PAY BACK, verb. (transitive) to pay an amount of money owed to another, to repay
PAY BACK, verb. (figuratively) to exact revenge
PAY CHECK, noun. Alternative form of paycheck
PAY CHEQUE, noun. Alternative form of paycheck
PAY DAY, noun. The day of the week/month etc. when wages are issued.
PAY DIRT, noun. (mining) Earth which contains profitable quantities of ore.
PAY DIRT, noun. (figuratively) A profitable area or period; success.
PAY FOR, verb. To exchange for, especially money for goods or services.
PAY FOR, verb. To be punished or held accountable for.
PAY GRADE, noun. A level indicating a base salary (in the US applying to military and government employees).
PAY GRADE, noun. (figuratively) Level of authority or responsibility (since pay rate, authority and responsibility generally increase similarly).
PAY HEED, verb. To heed; to give attention.
PAY OFF, verb. (transitive) (informal) To bribe, especially to deter oversight.
PAY OFF, verb. (intransitive) To become worthwhile; to produce a net benefit.
PAY OFF, verb. (transitive) To pay back; to repay.
PAY OFF, verb. (transitive) To pay back (repay, pay off) the entirety of a loan, thereby effecting the release of a lien on.
PAY OFF, verb. (nautical) To fall to leeward, as the head of a vessel under sail.
PAY ONE'S DEBT TO SOCIETY, verb. (idiomatic) To serve time in prison or a similar correctional facility.
PAY ONE'S DUES, verb. To outlay money which is owed as a membership fee or price of admission.
PAY ONE'S DUES, verb. (idiomatic) To acquire status or to earn the right to enjoy certain benefits, especially through lengthy experience, hardship, or service to an organization.
PAY ONE'S LAST RESPECTS, verb. (intransitive) To visit the place where the remains of a dead person has been prepared for burial or cremation, either as a private act of remembrance or as a public display to others.
PAY OUT, verb. To distribute money; to disburse
PAY OUT, verb. (nautical) To slacken a rope by lengthening it; to allow a rope to run out.
PAY OUT, verb. To repay, take revenge
PAY PACKET, noun. A sealed envelope containing a person's wages.
PAY PACKET, noun. (by extension) (idiomatic) the amount a person earns from employment.
PAY PHONE, noun. Alternative form of payphone
PAY RAISE, noun. (US) An increase in salary or wages.
PAY RISE, noun. (UK) An increase in salary or wages.
PAY SPINE, noun. A tiered range of salaries for different jobs or for those who have been in a job for differing amounts of time.
PAY SPINES, noun. Plural of pay spine
PAY STUB, noun. Paper provided by employer to an employee as an indication of payment of wages or salary; it generally includes details such as the amount of tax withheld, and is attached to the payment if by check.
PAY STUBS, noun. Plural of pay stub
PAY TELEVISION, noun. Alternative form of pay TV
PAY THE BILLS, verb. (idiomatic) (of a job) To provide enough income to sustain one's lifestyle.
PAY THE DEBT OF NATURE, verb. (euphemistic) To die.
PAY THE FIDDLER, verb. (idiomatic) To face the consequences of one's actions.
PAY THE FIDDLER, verb. (idiomatic) To contribute in order to participate.
PAY THE FREIGHT, verb. To pay for the cost of transport.
PAY THE FREIGHT, verb. (idiomatic) To bear the cost.
PAY THE PENALTY, verb. To incur negative consequences of one's deeds; to suffer as a result of some choice.
PAY THE PIPER, verb. (idiomatic) To pay expenses for something, and thus be in a position to be in control (i.e. to be able to call the tune).
PAY THE PIPER, verb. (idiomatic) To pay a monetary debt or experience unfavorable consequences, especially when the payment or consequences are inevitable in spite of attempts to avoid them.
PAY THE PRICE, verb. To incur the negative consequences of one's decision.
PAY THROUGH THE NOSE, verb. (idiomatic) To pay a high price, especially an exorbitant or excessive amount, either in money or in some other manner.
PAY TV, noun. A system whereby viewers pay to subscribe to specific broadcast television channels or programmes.
PAY UP, verb. (intransitive and transitive) To pay in total a sum which is owed, especially when the sum has been owed for a period of time.

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PAY, noun. Something that remunerates; "wages were paid by check"; "he wasted his pay on drink"; "they saved a quarter of all their earnings".
PAY, verb. Give money, usually in exchange for goods or services; "I paid four dollars for this sandwich"; "Pay the waitress, please".
PAY, verb. Convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow; "Don't pay him any mind"; "give the orders"; "Give him my best regards"; "pay attention".
PAY, verb. Cancel or discharge a debt; "pay up, please!".
PAY, verb. Bring in; "interest-bearing accounts"; "How much does this savings certificate pay annually?".
PAY, verb. Do or give something to somebody in return; "Does she pay you for the work you are doing?".
PAY, verb. Dedicate; "give thought to"; "give priority to"; "pay attention to".
PAY, verb. Be worth it; "It pays to go through the trouble".
PAY, verb. Render; "pay a visit"; "pay a call".
PAY, verb. Bear (a cost or penalty), in recompense for some action; "You'll pay for this!"; "She had to pay the penalty for speaking out rashly"; "You'll pay for this opinion later".
PAY, verb. Make a compensation for; "a favor that cannot be paid back".
PAY, verb. Discharge or settle; "pay a debt"; "pay an obligation".

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