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CANTON, noun. A division of a political unit.
CANTON, noun. One of the states comprising the Swiss Confederation.
CANTON, noun. A subdivision of an arrondissement of France.
CANTON, noun. A division of Luxembourg, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.
CANTON, noun. A small community or clan.
CANTON, noun. A subdivision of a flag, the rectangular inset on the upper hoist (i.e., flagpole) side (e.g., the stars of the US national flag are in a canton).
CANTON, noun. (heraldiccharge) A division of a shield occupying one third of the chief, usually on the dexter side, formed by a perpendicular line from the top meeting a horizontal line from the side.
CANTON, verb. To delineate as a separate district.
CANTON, noun. (obsolete) A song or canto.
CANTON, proper noun. (historical) The Chinese city of Guangzhou
CANTON, proper noun. (historical) The Chinese province of Guangdong.
CANTON, proper noun. A topographical surname​ of French or Galician derivation.
CANTON CRAPE, noun. (archaic) A soft silk fabric, of a gauzy texture and wavy appearance, used for ladies' scarfs, shawls, bonnet trimmings, etc.
CANTON CRAPES, noun. Plural of Canton crape
CANTON FLANNEL, noun. A type of soft cotton fabric.

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CANTON, noun. A city on the Zhu Jiang delta in southern China; the capital of Guangdong province and a major deep-water port.
CANTON, noun. A small administrative division of a country.
CANTON, verb. Provide housing for (military personnel).
CANTON, verb. Divide into cantons, of a country.

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