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SWISS, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to Switzerland or the Swiss people.
SWISS, noun. A person from Switzerland or of Swiss descent.
SWISS, verb. (transitive) To prepare (meat, fabric, etc.) by rolling or pounding in order to soften it.
SWISS ARMY KNIFE, noun. A brand of multi-function pocket knife or multitool, having a blade and various tools, such as screwdrivers and can openers.
SWISS ARMY KNIFE, noun. (figuratively) (by extension) A tool that has many functions, one for every perceivable need.
SWISS ARMY KNIVES, noun. Plural of Swiss Army knife
SWISS ARMY PENKNIFE, noun. Swiss Army knife
SWISS ARROW, noun. An dart in the form of an arrow with an extra notch with which it is thrown using a string
SWISS ARROWS, noun. Plural of Swiss arrow
SWISS BANK, noun. (literally) A bank in Switzerland.
SWISS BANK, noun. Alternative form of Swiss bank account
SWISS BANK ACCOUNT, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see Swiss,‎ bank account.
SWISS BANK ACCOUNT, noun. (metaphor) Any place considered safe or secure to put things in.
SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS, noun. Plural of Swiss bank account
SWISS BANKS, noun. Plural of Swiss bank
SWISS BANKS, noun. Alternative form of Swiss bank accounts
SWISS CHARD, noun. Beta vulgaris var. cicla: an edible leafy vegetable.
SWISS CHEESE, noun. Any cheese which resembles Emmentaler, especially ones with holes.
SWISS CHEESE PLANT, noun. A large woody vine, Monstera deliciosa, grown indoors for its distinctive foliage, which is riddled with holes like Swiss cheese, and which is also grown commercially in the tropics for its edible fruit.
SWISS CHEESE PLANTS, noun. Plural of Swiss cheese plant
SWISS CONFEDERATION, proper noun. The full, official name of Switzerland, a Western European country.
SWISS FRANC, noun. The currency of Switzerland, divided into 100 centimes.
SWISS FRANCS, noun. Plural of Swiss franc
SWISS GERMAN, noun. Any of a group of related Alemannic languages spoken in certain parts of South Germany, Switzerland and Austria, especially considered as the main spoken language of Switzerland.
SWISS GERMAN, noun. (loosely) Any local form of the German language used in Switzerland; Swiss Standard German.
SWISS GERMAN, adjective. Pertaining to the German-speaking part of Switzerland.
SWISS GERMAN, adjective. Of or relating to one or all of the languages.
SWISS GERMAN SIGN LANGUAGE, proper noun. Alternative form of Swiss-German Sign Language
SWISS GERMANS, noun. Plural of Swiss German
SWISS PINE, noun. A pine tree of the species Pinus cembra, native to alpine Europe, North Africa, and western Asia.
SWISS RE TOWER, proper noun. (UK) 30 St Mary Axe.
SWISS REFORMATION, proper noun. The Protestant Reformation in Switzerland
SWISS ROLL, noun. A type of sponge cake rolled up into a cylinder, typically but not exclusively with jam or chocolate filling.
SWISS ROLLS, noun. Plural of Swiss roll
SWISS SHOWER, noun. A shower in which jets of water are sprayed onto the body from above, and also from numerous nozzles on the side.
SWISS SHOWERS, noun. Plural of Swiss shower
SWISS STANDARD GERMAN, proper noun. The form of the German language used for publishing, broadcasting and writing in Switzerland, as distinguished from the Swiss German language used in speech.
SWISS STEAK, noun. Meat, usually beef, softened by rolling or pounding, and then braised in stewed tomatoes
SWISS STEAKS, noun. Plural of Swiss steak

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SWISS, noun. The natives or inhabitants of Switzerland.
SWISS, adjective. Of or relating to Switzerland or its people or culture; "the Swiss army".

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