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BELGIAN, noun. A person from Belgium or of Belgian descent.
BELGIAN, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to Belgium or the Belgian people.
BELGIAN, proper noun. (linguistics) A hypothetical extinct Indo-European language, supposed to have been spoken distinct from Celtic in late prehistory, in certain parts of what has become known as Gaul.
BELGIAN BLOCK, noun. A nearly cubical block of granite or other tough stone, used as a material for street pavements.
BELGIAN BLOCKS, noun. Plural of Belgian block
BELGIAN CHOCOLATE, noun. A style of high-quality chocolate originating from Belgium, but now produced worldwide.
BELGIAN CHOCOLATES, noun. Plural of Belgian chocolate
BELGIAN CONGO, proper noun. (historical) A country in Africa, the predecessor of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. [from 1908 to 1960]
BELGIAN ENDIVE, noun. The common chicory, Cichorium intybus, grown without sunlight to produce pale leaves.
BELGIAN GROENENDAEL, noun. The long-haired black variant of the Belgian Sheepdog.
BELGIAN LAEKENOIS, noun. One of four variants of the Belgian Sheepdog.
BELGIAN LIMBURG, proper noun. The roughly southwestern part of the Benelux region of Limburg (speaking Dutch and two groups of its dialects; not to be geographically confused with historical political entities), which is part of Flanders region (northern Belgium), where it is administratively designated as the provincie (province) Limburg, as opposed to Dutch Limburg, which belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, confusingly under the same administrative designation
BELGIAN MALINOIS, noun. One of four variants of the Belgian Sheepdog.
BELGIAN SHEEPDOG, noun. One of four variants of sheep herding dog bred in Belgium.
BELGIAN SHEEPDOG, noun. The Groenendael variant of the above.
BELGIAN SHEEPDOGS, noun. Plural of Belgian Sheepdog
BELGIAN TERVUREN, noun. One of four variants of the Belgian Sheepdog.

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BELGIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Belgium.
BELGIAN, adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of Belgium or the Belgian people; "the Belgian Queen".

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