Associations to the word «Willy»


WILLY, adjective. Willing; favourable; ready; eagre.
WILLY, adjective. (UK dialectal) (Scotland) Self-willed; willful.
WILLY, noun. Alternative form of willow
WILLY, noun. (UK dialectal) A willow basket.
WILLY, noun. (UK dialectal) A fish basket.
WILLY, noun. (hypocoristic) (slang) (childish) the penis.
WILLY, noun. (UK) a person whom the speaker dislikes.
WILLY, proper noun. A male given name, diminutive of William.
WILLY NILLY, adverb. Alternative form of willy-nilly
WILLY PETE, noun. (military) (slang) white phosphorus
WILLY WILLIES, noun. Plural of willy willy
WILLY WILLY, noun. (Australia) A dust devil; a tornado; a tropical cyclone.
WILLY WIX, noun. (East Anglia) the barn owl, 'Tyto alba.

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