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APPALACHIAN, adjective. Referring to the region of Appalachia or its characteristics.
APPALACHIAN, adjective. Referring to the people and culture of Appalachia.
APPALACHIAN, noun. A person from Appalachia.
APPALACHIAN, proper noun. The dialect of people from Appalachia.
APPALACHIAN DULCIMER, noun. (musical instrument) A diatonically fretted and neckless string instrument, most commonly with three or four strings; a chordophone of the zither family.
APPALACHIAN DULCIMERS, noun. Plural of Appalachian dulcimer
APPALACHIAN ENGLISH, proper noun. A dialect of the English language native to the Appalachian region of the United States, often derided for its grammatical inconsistencies and perceived lack of education of its speakers.

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APPALACHIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Appalachia.
APPALACHIAN, adjective. In or relating to Appalachia.

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