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UPLIFT, verb. To raise something or someone to a higher physical, social, moral, intellectual, spiritual or emotional level.
UPLIFT, noun. The act or result of being uplifted.
UPLIFT, noun. (geology) A tectonic upheaval, especially one that takes place in the process of mountain building.
UPLIFT, noun. (colloquial) A brassiere that raises the breasts.

Dictionary definition

UPLIFT, noun. (geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation (as in the process of mountain building).
UPLIFT, noun. A brassiere that lifts and supports the breasts.
UPLIFT, verb. Fill with high spirits; fill with optimism; "Music can uplift your spirits".
UPLIFT, verb. Lift up from the earth, as by geologic forces; "the earth's movement uplifted this part of town".
UPLIFT, verb. Lift up or elevate.

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