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GALACTIC, adjective. (medicine) Of or pertaining to milk, or the secretion of milk.
GALACTIC, adjective. Relating to a galaxy.
GALACTIC, adjective. (astronomy) (specifically) Relating to the Milky Way galaxy.
GALACTIC, adjective. (figuratively) Enormous (in size or impact).
GALACTIC, adjective. Pertaining to the Milky Way Galaxy
GALACTIC CANNIBALISM, noun. The process by which a large galaxy, through tidal gravitational interactions with a companion, merges with that companion, resulting in a larger, often irregular galaxy.
GALACTIC HABITABLE ZONE, noun. (astrobiology) (astronomy) the zone in a disk galaxy lying within the disk which is neither too far from the core so as to be lacking in heavier elements, nor too close to the core as to experience excessive exposures to supernovae, where intelligent life may develop
GALACTIC HABITABLE ZONES, noun. Plural of galactic habitable zone
GALACTIC HALO, noun. (astronomy) An aggregation of individual stars, dust, and gas (and possibly dark matter) that surrounds a galaxy
GALACTIC YEAR, noun. (astronomy) the time it takes for the Solar System to orbit around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, estimated to be from 225 to 250 million years.
GALACTIC YEAR, noun. (astronomy) by extension, the time it takes a celestial body to complete a quasi-orbit in a galaxy

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GALACTIC, adjective. Of or relating to a galaxy (especially our galaxy the Milky Way); "the galactic plane".
GALACTIC, adjective. Inconceivably large.

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