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BULGE, noun. Something sticking out from a surface; a swelling, protuberant part; a bending outward, especially when caused by pressure.
BULGE, noun. The bilge or protuberant part of a cask.
BULGE, noun. (nautical) The bilge of a vessel.
BULGE, noun. (colloquial) The outline of a man's penis and testicles visible through clothing.
BULGE, verb. (intransitive) To stick out from (a surface).
BULGE, verb. (intransitive) To bilge, as a ship; to founder.

Dictionary definition

BULGE, noun. Something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings; "the gun in his pocket made an obvious bulge"; "the hump of a camel"; "he stood on the rocky prominence"; "the occipital protuberance was well developed"; "the bony excrescence between its horns".
BULGE, verb. Swell or protrude outwards; "His stomach bulged after the huge meal".
BULGE, verb. Bulge out; form a bulge outward, or be so full as to appear to bulge.
BULGE, verb. Bulge outward; "His eyes popped".
BULGE, verb. Cause to bulge or swell outwards.

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