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BULKHEAD, noun. (nautical) A vertical partition dividing the hull into separate compartments; often made watertight to prevent excessive flooding if the ship's hull is breached.
BULKHEAD, noun. A similar partition in an aircraft or spacecraft.
BULKHEAD, noun. Mechanically, a partition or panel through which connectors pass, or a connector designed to pass through a partition.
BULKHEAD, noun. A pressure-resistant sealed barrier to any fluid in a large structure.
BULKHEAD, noun. A retaining wall along a waterfront.
BULKHEAD LINE, noun. An officially set line along a shoreline, usually outside of the dry land, to demark a territory allowable to be treated as dry land, to separate the jurisdictions of dry land and water authorities, for construction and riparian activities, to establish limits to the allowable obstructions to navigation, etc.
BULKHEAD LINE, noun. (US) A line in a navigable waterway established by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, beyond which solid fill is not permitted.
BULKHEAD LINES, noun. Plural of bulkhead line

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BULKHEAD, noun. A partition that divides a ship or plane into compartments.

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