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SLAM, verb. (transitive) (ergative) To shut with sudden force so as to produce a shock and noise.
SLAM, verb. (transitive) (ergative) To put in or on a particular place with force and loud noise. (Often followed by a preposition such as down, against or into.)
SLAM, verb. (transitive) To strike forcefully with some implement.
SLAM, verb. (transitive) (colloquial) To speak badly of; to criticize forcefully.
SLAM, verb. (basketball) To dunk forcefully, to slam dunk.
SLAM, verb. (intransitive) (bridge) To make a slam bid.
SLAM, verb. (transitive) (card games) To defeat (opponents at cards) by winning all the tricks of a deal or a hand.
SLAM, verb. (transitive) to change providers (e.g. of domain registration or telephone carrier) for a customer without clear (if any) consent.
SLAM, verb. To drink off, to drink quickly
SLAM, verb. To compete in a poetry slam
SLAM, noun. (countable) A sudden impact or blow.
SLAM, noun. (countable) The shock and noise produced by violently closing a door or other object.
SLAM, noun. (countable) (basketball) A slam dunk.
SLAM, noun. (countable) (colloquial) (US) An insult.
SLAM, noun. (uncountable) The yellow iron silicate produced in alum works as a waste product.
SLAM, noun. A poetry slam.
SLAM, noun. (UK) (dialect) The refuse of alum works.
SLAM, noun. (obsolete) A type of card game, also called ruff and honours.
SLAM, noun. (cards) Losing or winning all the tricks in a game.
SLAM, noun. (countable) (bridge) A bid of six (small slam) or seven (grand slam) in a suit or no trump.
SLAM, verb. (transitive) (card games) To defeat by winning all the tricks of a deal or a hand.
SLAM BOOK, noun. Alternative form of slambook
SLAM DANCING, noun. A form of dancing, to punk rock music, in which the dancers deliberately collide with each other
SLAM DANCING, verb. Present participle of slam dance
SLAM DUNK, noun. (basketball) An impressively forceful dunk.
SLAM DUNK, noun. (colloquial) (idiomatic) A task expected to present no difficulty.
SLAM DUNK, noun. (yachting) Tacking on top of the wind of the following yacht in close quarters
SLAM DUNK, verb. To perform a slam dunk.
SLAM DUNK APPROACH, noun. (aviation) a final approach whereupon the airplane intercepts the ILS glideslope from above, instead of as normally from below
SLAM DUNK APPROACHES, noun. Plural of slam dunk approach
SLAM DUNKED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of slam dunk
SLAM DUNKING, verb. Present participle of slam dunk
SLAM DUNKS, noun. Plural of slam dunk
SLAM DUNKS, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of slam dunk
SLAM PIECE, noun. A journalistic or other treatment which portrays its subject in a highly unfavorable manner.
SLAM PIECE, noun. (slang) A sexual partner with whom one has sex, without emotional attachment.
SLAM PIECES, noun. Plural of slam piece
SLAM THE DOOR ON, verb. Alternative form of shut the door on

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SLAM, noun. Winning all or all but one of the tricks in bridge.
SLAM, noun. The noise made by the forceful impact of two objects.
SLAM, noun. A forceful impact that makes a loud noise.
SLAM, noun. An aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect; "his parting shot was `drop dead'"; "she threw shafts of sarcasm"; "she takes a dig at me every chance she gets".
SLAM, verb. Close violently; "He slammed the door shut".
SLAM, verb. Strike violently; "slam the ball".
SLAM, verb. Dance the slam dance.
SLAM, verb. Throw violently; "He slammed the book on the table".

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