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OPEN, adjective. (not comparable) Which is not closed; accessible; unimpeded; as, an open gate.
OPEN, adjective. Not drawn together, closed, or contracted; extended; expanded.
OPEN, adjective. (not comparable) Actively conducting or prepared to conduct business.
OPEN, adjective. (comparable) Receptive.
OPEN, adjective. (not comparable) Public; as, an open letter, an open declaration.
OPEN, adjective. (not comparable) Candid, ingenuous, not subtle in character.
OPEN, adjective. (mathematics) (logic) (of a formula) Having a free variable.
OPEN, adjective. (mathematics) (topology) (of a set) Which is part of a predefined collection of subsets of \(X\), that defines a topological space on \(X\).
OPEN, adjective. (graph theory) (of a walk) Whose first and last vertices are different.
OPEN, adjective. (computing) (not comparable) (of a file, document, etc.) In current use; mapped to part of memory.
OPEN, adjective. (business) Not fulfilled.
OPEN, adjective. Not settled or adjusted; not decided or determined; not closed or withdrawn from consideration.
OPEN, adjective. (music) (stringed instruments) Without any fingers pressing the string against the fingerboard.
OPEN, adjective. Not of a quality to prevent communication, as by closing waterways, blocking roads, etc.; hence, not frosty or inclement; mild; used of the weather or the climate.
OPEN, adjective. (phonetics) Uttered with a relatively wide opening of the articulating organs; said of vowels.
OPEN, adjective. (phonetics) Uttered, as a consonant, with the oral passage simply narrowed without closure.
OPEN, adjective. (computing) Made public, usable with a free licence.
OPEN, adjective. (medicine) Resulting from an incision, puncture or any other process by which the skin no longer protects an internal part of the body.
OPEN, verb. (transitive) To make something accessible or remove an obstacle to its being accessible.
OPEN, verb. (transitive) To bring up (a topic).
OPEN, verb. (transitive) To make accessible to customers or clients.
OPEN, verb. (transitive) To start (a campaign).
OPEN, verb. (intransitive) To become open.
OPEN, verb. (intransitive) To begin conducting business.
OPEN, verb. To enter upon; to begin.
OPEN, verb. (intransitive) (cricket) To begin a side's innings as one of the first two batsmen.
OPEN, verb. (intransitive) (poker) To bet before any other player has in a particular betting round in a game of poker.
OPEN, verb. (transitive) (intransitive) (poker) To reveal one's hand.
OPEN, verb. (computing) (transitive) (intransitive) (of a file, document, etc.) To load into memory for viewing or editing.
OPEN, verb. To spread; to expand into an open or loose position.
OPEN, verb. (obsolete) To disclose; to reveal; to interpret; to explain.
OPEN, noun. A sports event in which anybody can compete; as, the Australian Open.
OPEN, noun. (electronics) a wire that is broken midway.
OPEN, noun. (with the) Open or unobstructed space; an exposed location.
OPEN, noun. (with the) Public knowledge or scrutiny; full view.
OPEN A CAN OF WHOOP ASS, verb. (idiomatic) (slang) (US) A good-humored threat of physical harm.
OPEN ADOPTION, noun. An adoption in which the biological mother/biological parents and the adoptive family know each other's identities, and choose to remain in contact after the adoption process is finalized.
OPEN ADOPTIONS, noun. Plural of open adoption
OPEN AIR, noun. The outside, the outdoors, a space not surrounded by walls, open space
OPEN AIR MUSEUM, noun. A museum where the exhibitions are located outdoors.
OPEN AIR MUSEUMS, noun. Plural of open air museum
OPEN AND AFFIRMING, adjective. Of or pertaining to Christian congregations and other Christian groups that accept gay men and women, bisexuals, and transgender people.
OPEN AND SHUT, adjective. Alternative form of open-and-shut
OPEN AND SHUT CASE, noun. A problem with an easy solution.
OPEN AND SHUT CASES, noun. Plural of open and shut case
OPEN BALL, noun. (topology) (analysis) (restricted to metric spaces) The set of all points in a metric space whose distance from a given point ("the open ball's center") is less than a given length ("the open ball's radius").
OPEN BAR, noun. A bar at which drinks are served without charge, usually at a social event.
OPEN BETA, noun. Something that is in its beta stage, or being tested.
OPEN BITE, noun. A configuration of a mouth wherein the front top teeth are separated vertically from the front bottom teeth even while the back top teeth are resting directly upon the back bottom teeth.
OPEN BITES, noun. Plural of open bite
OPEN BOOK, noun. (idiomatic) Something of which salient aspects are obvious or easily interpreted.
OPEN BOOK, noun. (idiomatic) A person who through naivete responds candidly to questions or openly displays their emotions or intentions.
OPEN BOOK, noun. (mathematics) (topology) An open book decomposition.
OPEN BOOK, noun. (climbing) An inside angle in the rock.
OPEN BOOK DECOMPOSITION, noun. (mathematics) (topology) A decomposition of a 3-manifold into a link and a fibration over the circle by surfaces bounded by that link.
OPEN BOOK DECOMPOSITIONS, noun. Plural of open book decomposition
OPEN BOOKS, noun. Plural of open book
OPEN BOX, adjective. Pertaining to a product sold by merchants at a discount, because the item was returned but found not to be defective.
OPEN CALL, noun. An open and/or public audition, especially for actors and actresses.
OPEN CIRCUIT, noun. An incomplete electrical circuit through which no current can flow
OPEN CIRCUITS, noun. Plural of open circuit
OPEN CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, noun. Circulation which is achieved primarily from the heart beating and muscle-induced locomotion of the organism, circulation without veins
OPEN CLUSTER, noun. (astronomy) a more or less irregular star cluster containing tens to thousands of stars
OPEN CLUSTERS, noun. Plural of open cluster
OPEN COMPOUND, noun. (grammar) A compound word with spaces in it. For example: hang out, school bus, science fiction.
OPEN COMPOUNDS, noun. Plural of open compound
OPEN CONTENT, noun. Creative work that others can freely and legally copy or modify.
OPEN COVER, noun. (topology) A cover whose members are all open sets.
OPEN DATING, noun. The use of a date or code stamped on food packaging to help determine how long to display the product for sale.
OPEN DAY, noun. A casual event where an institution is open for inspection by anyone interested.
OPEN DAYLIGHT, noun. Broad daylight
OPEN DAYS, noun. Plural of open day
OPEN DESIGN, noun. The collaborative design of things, especially of open source software.
OPEN DIAPASON, noun. (music) A certain stop in an organ, in which the pipes or tubes are formed like the mouthpiece of a flageolet at the end where the wind enters, and are open at the other end.
OPEN DOORS, verb. (idiomatic) To lead to opportunities or (social) advantages.
OPEN ENDED STRAIGHT DRAW, noun. (poker) Four cards to a straight where cards of two different ranks could complete a straight. (E.g. 4-5-6-7)
OPEN FEEDWATER HEATER, noun. (engineering) (thermodynamics) A feedwater heater in which the two fluid streams mix together.
OPEN FEEDWATER HEATERS, noun. Plural of open feedwater heater
OPEN FILE, noun. (chess) A file with no pawns of either color on it.
OPEN FILES, noun. Plural of open file
OPEN FIRE, verb. (idiomatic) To begin firing (weapons) at something or someone.
OPEN FIRE, noun. Uncovered fire
OPEN FLOOR PLAN, noun. An interior of a building constructed with few walls or obstructions, giving a communal aspect.
OPEN GAME, noun. (uncountable) A chess opening characterized by the moves 1.e4 e5, in which both White and Black move their king's pawn to the fourth rank with their first move.
OPEN GAME, noun. (countable) Any of the set openings which begin in this way. (Ruy Lopez, Scotch Game, etc.)
OPEN GAME, noun. Alternative letter-case form of Open Game
OPEN GAMES, noun. Plural of Open Game
OPEN GAMES, noun. Plural of open game
OPEN GOAL, noun. (sports) An undefended goal.
OPEN HALF SPACE, noun. (mathematics) A half space that does not include the plane that bounds it
OPEN HALF SPACES, noun. Plural of open half space
OPEN HARP, noun. Synonym of angle harp.
OPEN HARPS, noun. Plural of open harp
OPEN HOUSE, noun. A house habitually kept open to callers.
OPEN HOUSE, noun. An event, often in one's home, at which there are few restrictions regarding who and how many may attend.
OPEN HOUSE, noun. An event during which a facility or institution is open to the public for inspection or tour.
OPEN HOUSE, noun. (chiefly US) (Canada and Australia) A period of time, usually several hours in a day, during which a house which is for sale is open for inspection or tour by interested parties.
OPEN HOUSE, noun. (US) A casual school event where the school invites parents or guardians to come and tour their child's school, classrooms, and allow them to meet their child's teachers.
OPEN HOUSES, noun. Plural of open house
OPEN INTEREST, noun. (finance) The total number of contracts outstanding between market participants in a market for futures, options, or other derivatives.
OPEN INTERVAL, noun. (mathematics) an interval in the real number line which does not contain its supremum and infimum. If specified by a pair of real numbers, then it consists of all the points on the real line whose values lie strictly between those two real numbers.
OPEN INTERVALS, noun. Plural of open interval
OPEN JAW, noun. (travel) (aviation) a fare construction where the destination is not the same as the origin point for the return, or where the origin differs from the return destination.
OPEN LETTER, noun. A letter addressed to one person but published (as for example in a newspaper) for the public to read.
OPEN LETTERS, noun. Plural of open letter
OPEN MARKET, noun. A competitive market where buyers and sellers can operate without restrictions.
OPEN MARKETS, noun. Plural of open market
OPEN MARRIAGE, noun. A marital relationship in which each partner agrees that the other partner may have sexual relations with other people as he or she sees fit.
OPEN MARRIAGES, noun. Plural of open marriage
OPEN MATTE, adjective. (film) Of a soft matte film, transferred to a home video format with the full frame exposed, thus having the theatrical mattes removed.
OPEN MEDIA, noun. Digital media, such as audiovisual materials, that can be shared freely without commercial restrictions.
OPEN MIC, noun. A music, poetry, or comedy stage platform with open invitation, that is, where anyone is invited to perform.
OPEN MICS, noun. Plural of open mic
OPEN MIKE, noun. (nonstandard) Alternative spelling of open mic
OPEN MIKES, noun. Plural of open mike
OPEN MIND, noun. A mind willing to consider new ideas.
OPEN MINDS, noun. Plural of open mind
OPEN ONE'S BIG MOUTH, verb. (idiomatic) To speak about things, when it would be better to stay silent.
OPEN ONE'S LEGS, verb. (idiomatic) (of a woman) To open oneself up to sexual intercourse.
OPEN OUTCRY, noun. (business) (finance) A trading method whereby traders gather in person, often in a pit, and call out to all their desire to buy or sell a quantity at a given price, transactions being consummated when two parties can agree on a price. Most frequently used in securities markets.
OPEN OUTSOURCING, noun. A socioeconomic movement resulting from the marriage of the open source movement and the recent trend towards the international outsourcing of programming.
OPEN PROBLEM, noun. A problem that has been posed in a field of study such as mathematics or theoretical computer science, but whose answer is not yet known.
OPEN PROBLEMS, noun. Plural of open problem
OPEN PROXY, noun. (computing) A proxy server that may be accessed by any Internet user.
OPEN PROXY SERVER, noun. (computing) a proxy server that may be accessed by any Internet user
OPEN RAZOR, noun. A straight razor.
OPEN RAZORS, noun. Plural of open razor
OPEN READING FRAME, noun. (genetics) A sequence of DNA triplets, between the initiator and terminator codons, that can be transcribed into mRNA and later translated into protein.
OPEN RECTANGLE, noun. (mathematics) A rectangle in the real plane which is an open set: i.e., which does not contain its edges. If the sides of the open rectangle are parallel to the plane's axes, then the open rectangle can be described as the Cartesian product of two open intervals.
OPEN RELATIONSHIP, noun. A romantic and/or sexual relationship in which the people involved are permitted or tolerated to be available to have additional simultaneous romantic and/or sexual relationships.
OPEN RELATIONSHIPS, noun. Plural of open relationship
OPEN SANDWICH, noun. Any dish consisting of only one slice of bread, with any topping.
OPEN SANDWICHES, noun. Plural of open sandwich
OPEN SEA, noun. That part of the sea out of sight of land.
OPEN SEA, noun. A sea open to all nations, i.e. not a mare clausum.
OPEN SEASON, noun. (hunting) (sometimes followed by on or for to designate the kind of animal hunted) A period of time during the calendar year when authorities within a jurisdiction permit the unrestricted hunting of one or more kinds of animal wildlife.
OPEN SEASON, noun. (idiomatic) (often followed by on or for) A situation in which someone is endangered, blamed, harassed, or opposed in a sustained manner by a number of others; a situation in which something is endangered or otherwise opposed.
OPEN SEASON, noun. (idiomatic) (often followed by on or for) A situation in which or period of time during which some activity or circumstance routinely occurs.
OPEN SEATING, noun. The provision of seating or tables without reservations.
OPEN SECRET, noun. Information that is widely known, but not acknowledged openly.
OPEN SECRET, noun. (dated) Information that is not widely known, despite being freely available.
OPEN SECRETS, noun. Plural of open secret
OPEN SESAME, interjection. Open up!
OPEN SESAME, noun. Any successful means of achieving a result, especially means that are magical or technical, or otherwise beyond the understanding of most people.
OPEN SESAMES, noun. Plural of open sesame
OPEN SET, noun. (topology) Informally, a set such that the target point of a movement by a small amount in any direction from any point in the set is still in the set; exemplified by a full circle without its boundary.
OPEN SET, noun. (topology) (analysis) (restricted to metric spaces) A set which can be described as an (arbitrary) union of open balls. Equivalently, a set such that for every point in it, there is an open ball centered at that point, such that that open ball is contained by the set.
OPEN SET, noun. (topology) Most generally, a member of the topology of a given topological space.
OPEN SETS, noun. Plural of open set
OPEN SHOP, noun. A place of employment in which employment is in no way conditioned on membership in a union, though a union may be the exclusive bargaining agent of the employees.
OPEN SOMEONE'S EYES, verb. (idiomatic) To become or be made aware of something that was not known or fully understood before.
OPEN SOUND CONTROL, proper noun. (computing) A communication protocol among computers and multimedia devices like sound synthesizers, which is optimized for modern networking technology.
OPEN SOURCE, noun. (computing) The practice of providing open-source code for a product.
OPEN SOURCE, noun. (computing) Open-source software in general.
OPEN SOURCE, verb. To make open-source.
OPEN SOURCED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of open source
OPEN SOURCES, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of open source
OPEN SOURCING, verb. Present participle of open source
OPEN SUNSHINE, noun. (literally) Total outdoor sunshine, without clouds, haze, or other obstruction.
OPEN SUNSHINE, noun. (figuratively) openness, transparency, public awareness.
OPEN SYLLABLE, noun. (linguistics) A syllable that has no consonant sound after its nucleus.
OPEN SYSTEM, noun. (computing) A system allowing hardware and software from different manufacturers to be used together seamlessly.
OPEN SYSTEM, noun. (physics) A system that can exchange both matter and energy with its surroundings.
OPEN TABLE, noun. (religion) The practice of some Protestant churches to allow all people to take Communion, regardless of being members of the church or not.
OPEN THE ATTACK, verb. (cricket) of a bowler, to bowl one of the first two overs
OPEN THE FACE, verb. (intransitive) (cricket) To turn the face of the bat outwards in order to hit the ball on the off side.
OPEN THE KIMONO, verb. (business) (slang) (idiomatic) (intransitive) To reveal details of one's business operations.
OPEN TIME, noun. (construction) The period of time after an adhesive has been applied and allowed to dry, during which an effective bond can be achieved by joining the two surfaces.
OPEN UNIVERSITY, proper noun. A UK university offering distance learning taught courses, that are open to people without formal academic qualifications, teaching being by correspondence and online with mostly optional tutorials and for some courses compulsory summer schools. Access to postgraduate research is selective and is primarily taught on campus using traditional methods.
OPEN UNIVERSITY, proper noun. A similar university in the Netherlands
OPEN UP, verb. (intransitive) (transitive) To open.
OPEN UP, verb. (intransitive) To reveal oneself; to become communicative.
OPEN UP, verb. (intransitive) To commence firing weapons.
OPEN VALLEY, noun. (roofing) a method of valley construction in which the steep-slope roofing on both sides are trimmed along each side of the valley, exposing the metal valley flashing.
OPEN VALLEYS, noun. Plural of open valley
OPEN WATER, noun. An expanse of an ocean, sea, or large lake which is distant from shore and devoid of nearby islands or other obstructions.
OPEN WATER, noun. In a river, pond, or other small body of water, an area of surface unobstructed by aquatic vegetation, boulders, and the like, adequate for navigation or swimming.
OPEN WATER, noun. (chiefly Canada) An area of an ocean, sea, lake, or river which is not covered by ice.
OPEN WATERS, noun. Plural of open water
OPEN WOUND, noun. A wound which pierces the skin (and/or exterior bones), so as to bare flesh and/or internal organs.
OPEN WOUNDS, noun. Plural of open wound

Dictionary definition

OPEN, noun. A clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water; "finally broke out of the forest into the open".
OPEN, noun. Where the air is unconfined; "he wanted to get outdoors a little"; "the concert was held in the open air"; "camping in the open".
OPEN, noun. A tournament in which both professionals and amateurs may play.
OPEN, noun. Information that has become public; "all the reports were out in the open"; "the facts had been brought to the surface".
OPEN, verb. Cause to open or to become open; "Mary opened the car door".
OPEN, verb. Start to operate or function or cause to start operating or functioning; "open a business".
OPEN, verb. Become open; "The door opened".
OPEN, verb. Begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc.; "He opened the meeting with a long speech".
OPEN, verb. Spread out or open from a closed or folded state; "open the map"; "spread your arms".
OPEN, verb. Make available; "This opens up new possibilities".
OPEN, verb. Become available; "an opportunity opened up".
OPEN, verb. Have an opening or passage or outlet; "The bedrooms open into the hall".
OPEN, verb. Make the opening move; "Kasparov opened with a standard opening".
OPEN, verb. Afford access to; "the door opens to the patio"; "The French doors give onto a terrace".
OPEN, verb. Display the contents of a file or start an application as on a computer.
OPEN, adjective. Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed; "an open door"; "they left the door open".
OPEN, adjective. Affording free passage or access; "open drains"; "the road is open to traffic"; "open ranks".
OPEN, adjective. With no protection or shield; "the exposed northeast frontier"; "open to the weather"; "an open wound".
OPEN, adjective. Open to or in view of all; "an open protest"; "an open letter to the editor".
OPEN, adjective. Used of mouth or eyes; "keep your eyes open"; "his mouth slightly opened".
OPEN, adjective. Not having been filled; "the job is still open".
OPEN, adjective. Accessible to all; "open season"; "an open economy".
OPEN, adjective. Not defended or capable of being defended; "an open city"; "open to attack".
OPEN, adjective. (of textures) full of small openings or gaps; "an open texture"; "a loose weave".
OPEN, adjective. Having no protecting cover or enclosure; "an open boat"; "an open fire"; "open sports cars".
OPEN, adjective. (set theory) of an interval that contains neither of its endpoints.
OPEN, adjective. Not brought to a conclusion; subject to further thought; "an open question"; "our position on this bill is still undecided"; "our lawsuit is still undetermined".
OPEN, adjective. Not sealed or having been unsealed; "the letter was already open"; "the opened package lay on the table".
OPEN, adjective. Without undue constriction as from e.g. tenseness or inhibition; "the clarity and resonance of an open tone"; "her natural and open response".
OPEN, adjective. Ready or willing to receive favorably; "receptive to the proposals".
OPEN, adjective. Open and observable; not secret or hidden; "an overt lie"; "overt hostility"; "overt intelligence gathering"; "open ballots".
OPEN, adjective. Not requiring union membership; "an open shop employs nonunion workers".
OPEN, adjective. Possibly accepting or permitting; "a passage capable of misinterpretation"; "open to interpretation"; "an issue open to question"; "the time is fixed by the director and players and therefore subject to much variation".
OPEN, adjective. Affording free passage or view; "a clear view"; "a clear path to victory"; "open waters"; "the open countryside".
OPEN, adjective. Openly straightforward and direct without reserve or secretiveness; "his candid eyes"; "an open and trusting nature"; "a heart-to-heart talk".
OPEN, adjective. Ready for business; "the stores are open".

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