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PORTAL, noun. A grandiose and often lavish entrance.
PORTAL, noun. An entrance, entry point, or means of entry.
PORTAL, noun. (Internet) A website that acts as an entrance to other websites on the Internet.
PORTAL, noun. (anatomy) A short vein that carries blood into the liver.
PORTAL, noun. (fiction) A magical or technological doorway leading to another location, period in time or dimension.
PORTAL, noun. (architecture) A lesser gate, where there are two of different dimensions.
PORTAL, noun. (architecture) Formerly, a small square corner in a room separated from the rest of an apartment by wainscoting, forming a short passage to another apartment.
PORTAL, noun. (bridge-building) The space, at one end, between opposite trusses when these are terminated by inclined braces.
PORTAL, noun. A prayer book or breviary; a portass.
PORTAL, adjective. (anatomy) Of or relating to a porta, especially the porta of the liver.
PORTAL SITE, noun. (Internet) a website with many features and useful content, but also with many links to other sites; its aim being that users would make it their home page
PORTAL SITES, noun. Plural of portal site
PORTAL VEIN, noun. (anatomy) A short, wide vein that carries blood to the liver from the organs of the digestive system.
PORTAL VEINS, noun. Plural of portal vein

Dictionary definition

PORTAL, noun. A grand and imposing entrance (often extended metaphorically); "the portals of the cathedral"; "the portals of heaven"; "the portals of success".
PORTAL, noun. A site that the owner positions as an entrance to other sites on the internet; "a portal typically has search engines and free email and chat rooms etc.".
PORTAL, noun. A short vein that carries blood into the liver.

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