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ORNATE, adjective. Elaborately ornamented, often to excess.
ORNATE, adjective. Flashy, flowery or showy
ORNATE, adjective. Finely finished, as a style of composition.
ORNATE, verb. (obsolete) To adorn; to honour.
ORNATE HORNED TOAD, noun. A large carnivorous horned toad with very large sharp teeth.
ORNATE TINAMOU, noun. A tinamou, Nothoprocta ornata.
ORNATE TINAMOUS, noun. Plural of ornate tinamou
ORNATE WOLF, noun. A wild canid, Lycaon pictus.
ORNATE WOLVES, noun. Plural of ornate wolf

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ORNATE, adjective. Marked by elaborate rhetoric and elaborated with decorative details; "a flowery speech"; "ornate rhetoric taught out of the rule of Plato"-John Milton.

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