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PEDESTAL, noun. (architecture) The base or foot of a column, statue, vase, lamp
PEDESTAL, noun. (figuratively) A place of reverence or honor.
PEDESTAL, noun. (rail transport) A casting secured to the frame of a truck of a railcar and forming a jaw for holding a journal box.
PEDESTAL, noun. (machining) A pillow block; a low housing.
PEDESTAL, noun. (bridge building) An iron socket, or support, for the foot of a brace at the end of a truss where it rests on a pier.
PEDESTAL, noun. (steam heating) a pedestal coil, group of connected straight pipes arranged side by side and one above another, used in a radiator.
PEDESTAL, verb. To set or support on (or as if on) a pedestal.
PEDESTAL FAN, noun. An electric, oscillating fan supported by an adjustable, detachable stand.
PEDESTAL FANS, noun. Plural of pedestal fan

Dictionary definition

PEDESTAL, noun. A support or foundation; "the base of the lamp".
PEDESTAL, noun. A position of great esteem (and supposed superiority); "they put him on a pedestal".
PEDESTAL, noun. An architectural support or base (as for a column or statue).

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