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SLAB, noun. (archaic) Mud, sludge.
SLAB, noun. A large, flat piece of solid material; a solid object that is large and flat.
SLAB, noun. A paving stone; a flagstone.
SLAB, noun. (Australia) A carton containing twenty-four cans of beer.
SLAB, noun. An outside piece taken from a log or timber when sawing it into boards, planks, etc.
SLAB, noun. A bird, the wryneck.
SLAB, noun. (nautical) The slack part of a sail.
SLAB, noun. (slang) A large, luxury pre-1980 General Motors vehicle, particularly a Buick, Oldsmobile or Cadillac.
SLAB, noun. (surfing) A very large wave.
SLAB, noun. (computing) A sequence of 12 adjacent bits, serving as a byte in some computers.
SLAB, noun. (geology) Part of a tectonic plate that is being subducted.
SLAB, verb. (transitive) To make something into a slab.
SLAB, adjective. Thick; viscous
SLAB, noun. (Southern US) (slang) A car that has been modified with equipment such as loudspeakers, lights, special paint, hydraulics, and any other accessories that add to the style of the vehicle.
SLAB LINE, noun. (nautical) A line or small rope by which sailors haul up the foot of the mainsail or foresail.
SLAB LINES, noun. Plural of slab line
SLAB ON GRADE, noun. A horizontal placement of concrete directly over a prepared earth substrate.

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SLAB, noun. Block consisting of a thick piece of something.

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