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PAVEMENT, noun. Any paved floor.
PAVEMENT, noun. (chiefly British) A paved footpath, especially at the side of a road.
PAVEMENT, noun. (US) (uncountable) Paved exterior surface, as with a road or sidewalk.
PAVEMENT, noun. The interior flooring, especially when of stone, of large buildings such as a cathedral.
PAVEMENT ARTIST, noun. An artist who draws pictures on the pavement, often hoping to get donations from the passers-by.
PAVEMENT ARTIST, noun. (espionage) A specialist in outdoor surveillance as a pedestrian.
PAVEMENT ARTISTS, noun. Plural of pavement artist
PAVEMENT CELL, noun. (mycology) Brachycystidia in the gills of some species of Coprinus.
PAVEMENT CELLS, noun. Plural of pavement cell
PAVEMENT PIZZA, noun. (UK) (Australia) (humorous) Vomit.
PAVEMENT PIZZA, noun. (humorous) The badly damaged bodily remains of a person who has jumped or fallen from a great height.
PAVEMENT PIZZA, noun. Roadkill.
PAVEMENT PIZZAS, noun. Plural of pavement pizza
PAVEMENT PRINCESS, noun. (slang) A prostitute who seeks clients on the street.

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PAVEMENT, noun. The paved surface of a thoroughfare.
PAVEMENT, noun. Material used to pave an area.
PAVEMENT, noun. Walk consisting of a paved area for pedestrians; usually beside a street or roadway.

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