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DIRT, noun. Soil or earth
DIRT, noun. A stain or spot (on clothes etc); any foreign substance that worsens appearance
DIRT, noun. Previously unknown facts, or the invented "facts", about a person; gossip
DIRT, noun. Meanness; sordidness.
DIRT, noun. In placer mining, earth, gravel, etc., before washing.
DIRT, verb. (transitive) (rare) To make foul or filthy; soil; befoul; dirty
DIRT, acronym. (Ireland) Deposit Interest Retention Tax
DIRT BED, noun. (geology) A layer of clayey earth forming a stratum in a geological formation.
DIRT BIKE, noun. Alternative spelling of dirtbike
DIRT BIKES, noun. Plural of dirt bike
DIRT CAKE, noun. A kind of American dessert made from broken cookies and pudding, sometimes with gummy worms added, and resembling dirt.
DIRT CAKES, noun. Plural of dirt cake
DIRT CHEAP, adjective. Easily affordable
DIRT FARMER, noun. A subsistence farmer; a farmer with no hired hands.
DIRT FARMER, noun. A farmer who is too poor to use, or unable to use, irrigation.
DIRT FILE, noun. (idiomatic) A compilation of negative gossip or facts about someone.
DIRT JUMPING, noun. The sport of riding a bicycle over jumps of dirt or soil and becoming briefly airborne.
DIRT NAP, noun. (idiomatic) (indelicate) A state of permanent rest; the state of death.
DIRT POOR, adjective. Alternative form of dirt-poor

Dictionary definition

DIRT, noun. The part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock.
DIRT, noun. The state of being covered with unclean things.
DIRT, noun. Obscene terms for feces.
DIRT, noun. Disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people.
DIRT, adjective. (of roads) not leveled or drained; unsuitable for all year travel.

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