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TURF, noun. A layer of earth covered with grass; sod.
TURF, noun. A piece of such a layer cut from the soil and used to make a lawn.
TURF, noun. (Ireland) A sod of peat used as fuel.
TURF, noun. (slang) The territory claimed by a person, gang, etc. as their own.
TURF, noun. A racetrack; or the sport of racing horses.
TURF, verb. To create a lawn by laying turfs
TURF, verb. (Ultimate Frisbee) To throw a frisbee well short of its intended target, usually causing it to hit the ground within 10 yards of its release.
TURF, verb. (business) To fire from a job or dismiss from a task.
TURF, verb. (business) To cancel a project or product.
TURF ACCOUNTANT, noun. A bookmaker (gambling)
TURF ACCOUNTANTS, noun. Plural of turf accountant
TURF ANT, noun. A small European ant (Formica flava) which makes small anthills on heaths and commons.
TURF ANTS, noun. Plural of turf ant
TURF BANK, noun. (Ireland) an area in a peat bog from which turf is cut as fuel.
TURF OUT, verb. (transitive) (idiomatic) (usually of a person) To remove or eject from a place.
TURF SPADE, noun. A long, narrow spade for cutting and digging turf.
TURF TOE, noun. An injury to the joint and connective tissue between the foot and one of the toes; frequently a sporting injury
TURF WAR, noun. A dispute over territory between rival gangs.
TURF WAR, noun. (idiomatic) A fight or confrontation between two divisions or parties for access to resources or capital.
TURF WARS, noun. Plural of turf war

Dictionary definition

TURF, noun. Surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots.
TURF, noun. The territory claimed by a juvenile gang as its own.
TURF, noun. Range of jurisdiction or influence; "a bureaucracy...chiefly concerned with turf...and protecting the retirement system".
TURF, verb. Cover (the ground) with a surface layer of grass or grass roots.

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