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JOCKEY, noun. One who rides racehorses competitively.
JOCKEY, noun. That part of a variable resistor or potentiometer that rides over the resistance wire
JOCKEY, noun. An operator of some machinery or apparatus.
JOCKEY, noun. (dated) A dealer in horses; a horse trader.
JOCKEY, noun. (dated) A cheat; one given to sharp practice in trade.
JOCKEY, noun. (UK) (crime) (slang) A prostitute's client.
JOCKEY, noun. (Ireland) (crime) (slang) A rapist.
JOCKEY, verb. To ride (a horse) in a race.
JOCKEY, verb. To maneuver (something) by skill for one's advantage.
JOCKEY, verb. To cheat or trick.
JOCKEY FOR POSITION, verb. To try to get one's horse into a better position during a horse race.
JOCKEY FOR POSITION, verb. (figuratively) To try to come out ahead in a competition for something specific or put oneself in a more favourable position generally.
JOCKEY STRAP, noun. (dated) jockstrap
JOCKEY STRAPS, noun. Plural of jockey strap

Dictionary definition

JOCKEY, noun. Someone employed to ride horses in horse races.
JOCKEY, noun. An operator of some vehicle or machine or apparatus; "he's a truck jockey"; "a computer jockey"; "a disc jockey".
JOCKEY, verb. Defeat someone through trickery or deceit.
JOCKEY, verb. Compete (for an advantage or a position).
JOCKEY, verb. Ride a racehorse as a professional jockey.

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