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HURDLE, noun. An artificial barrier, variously constructed, over which athletes or horses jump in a race.
HURDLE, noun. ​A perceived obstacle.
HURDLE, noun. A movable frame of wattled twigs, osiers, or withes and stakes, or sometimes of iron, used for enclosing land, for folding sheep and cattle, for gates, etc.; also, in fortification, used as revetments, and for other purposes.
HURDLE, noun. (UK) (obsolete) A sled or crate on which criminals were formerly drawn to the place of execution.
HURDLE, noun. (T-flapping) Misspelling of hurtle.
HURDLE, verb. To jump over something while running.
HURDLE, verb. To compete in the track and field events of hurdles (e.g. high hurdles).
HURDLE, verb. To overcome an obstacle.
HURDLE, verb. To hedge, cover, make, or enclose with hurdles.
HURDLE, verb. (T-flapping) Misspelling of hurtle.

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HURDLE, noun. A light movable barrier that competitors must leap over in certain races.
HURDLE, noun. An obstacle that you are expected to overcome; "the last hurdle before graduation".
HURDLE, noun. The act of jumping over an obstacle.
HURDLE, verb. Jump a hurdle.

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